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    Book reviews requested

    Actually I do want to correct this comment. All my soaps are photographed after their cure. The only ones that are not are visibly wet ones in the mould or ones that specifically mention are not cured. Other than that the rainbow soap line up and ALL other soaps for my book are 6 - 8 weeks...
  2. curlycoat2

    Clays in lotion bar

    For sure infuse your oil, butter and/or wax component. You may have to use something like clay if you are particularly wanting purple or blue. Usually with plant colorants they need the lye to turn them blue or purple. If you want a pink you can use alkanet in either waxes or oils (heat...
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    Natural colorants

    Ack I have been caught! hahaha I am thrilled you have liked the blog posts that is such great news. I can't thank YOU enough for letting me know. Its a pleasure to share with everyone the plant magic journey. They really are awesome and they do ALL the work, I just get to play :)
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    Natural colorants

    Ha I like to be incognito at times hahahah no one needs to hear me bleating about plants all the time! Hahaha thank you for mentioning me.
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    Colorants you can grow (or that grow in your country)

    Plant colorants will fade over time - some faster than others. This is the compromise for knowing that they are completely natural. If you think of a vase of cut flowers some fade and brown faster, same with plants in soap. I have several here that are years old and are perfectly acceptable...
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    Outdoor soapers

    I soap outside at a very large Lost Trades fair here in Australia. For two days (one weekend) I soap outside 6 times a day from mixing lye, blending eos, adding oils and butters etc and bringing to trace and moulding. All under a marquee in either blistering heat or rain or average weather...
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    Natural colorants

    Thank you for linking my information! That is super kind of you
  8. curlycoat2

    The Indigo and Jagua Blues

    Don't be disappointed it can and does happen often that what you expected doesn't occur. As you are in Australia I would think you have the right INCI for indigo that you are using. Did you let the infusion sit after you heat infused it or did you just heat infuse and then use it. Indigo can...
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    What’s the madder with my madder?

    I had the same experience with madder tea which is why I use it in the lye. The ungelled for me faded faster than if I gelled it and used less madder in lye to get the color I wanted.
  10. curlycoat2

    What’s the madder with my madder?

    Clay will always stay the same. What you see is what you get pretty much depending on how much you use of course. It won't fade at all. Any plant colorant over time will fade no matter what technique you use it with. Its like flowers in a vase they will all go brown over time.
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    The Indigo and Jagua Blues

    Neither of these two indigo naturalis will give you as a good a blue as the Indigofera Tinctoria. Just different types. Japanese indigo is fantastic I use it fairly often. Jagua I find much darker and I personally like lighter blues so I don't tend to use it as often as woad and the indigos...
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    What’s the madder with my madder?

    I am curious why you (Mobjack) seem to find straining from the lye water to be fiddly when its pretty similar to straining a tea? The other advantage using the madder of either kind (tinctoria or cordifolia) is that you can use as much of it or as little of it as you would like to. The photos...
  13. curlycoat2

    Natural Colorants - Purple

    Can I ask why you would want your soap color to last 12 months? I would usually expect my soap to be either used and gone, gifted and used or well and truly sold an the customer used the soap by 12 months. Some colorants do last longer than 12 months but the great majority of plants are like...