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    What are your good reads?

    Thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions. I’ve shelled out on Anne Watson’s book which I’m liking so far. I’ve used my Kindle subscription to have a look at a few books and most looked a bit rubbishy. At least one sounded like the author had never made soap in his life (apparently...
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    What are your good reads?

    As someone new to this whole soapy business I was wondering if anyone would be prepared to divulge their favourite, or ‘go to’, book on soapmaking?
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    Hi from the UK

    Just popped by to say ‘Hi’. Newbie soapmaker here, looking to learn as much as possible. I’ve set myself a ‘Year of Soapmaking’ challenge- minimum of one soap batch a week (more if time and funds allow) with at least one new technique every month. No pressure! :-0 Two batches in, though I...