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    skin safe cinn fo

    I was just reading about a fo that had cinn in it and it was not highly recommended for CP or other soaps. They said cinn was a skin irritant for some. Some reviews said it soaped just fine and that they were not bothered. But the company ( either NG or WSP) said because it had bothered some...
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    Using jewel weed in soap

    I made a strong "tea" with jewel weed in hopes of making soap for poison ivy or soap for just plain skin irritations. I have had some problems with my computer crashing and have lost the info I had on it. Of course I can't find it again!! I tried searching on the forum but I am not coming up...
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    fun with 2" pvc tubes

    Heartsong, I am loving my pvc soaps!! I use plastic wrap, small strip folded in half and then in half again, I put that over the test end and put the pipe on. Fits really snug and then you don't have to spray. I use freezer paper on the inside. When it is time to take them out, they just...
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    herb book recommendations

    ok, I am glad to start anywhere!!
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    herb book recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a book on herbs used in soap making?
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    What do you do when it gets hot?

    On a cooler day I grill a whole bag of chicken breast. Some are plain, some marinated. Let them cool, wrap them individually and freeze. On the hot days, we make a large salad and top it with grilled chicken!!!!
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    No cracks!!

    Thank you for all the compliments!!! Funny, now that it is working sooooo much better, all I want to do is MAKE SOAP!!!! :lol: I thank God for such a great addiction!!! SimplyE - My husband made me 3 molds out of pine. They each hold 3 pounds. I get 12 bars from each and a little...
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    No cracks!!

    I am sure many of you share in my excitement......soap with no cracking! Thank you to all that gave me helpful tips and Heartsong for all of yours!! The top log is pink grapefruit and the other is GM. That is the first of many GM that did not crack. I think the new, just plain pine...
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    Wrapping soap

    I have never tried, but it was suggested to me to try floral tissue paper. It is waxed on one side!! I too am at that point of how to "dress" these babies!!!! I did a few with a label as big as the front of the soap then tied a piece of gingham fabric around(I had riped it, very...
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    Help.....My soap is still cracking!

    kitn, I used turmeric to color some of the batter. I was making sunflower scented soap, and thought I would try the spice to color and try swirling!! Aloe doesn't look any different then when I use water. My aloe is clear. Thanks
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    Help.....My soap is still cracking!

    Krissy, This is my first swirl of the entire soap, but I have been swirling or icing the very top since I got this mold. How then do you swirl the top and not crack and still gel? UGH!! Or don't you!!!!! Edit: I thought you said swirling too much, but you said stirring too much...
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    Help.....My soap is still cracking!

    Phew!! There it is. You can also see the back side of the mold. It is about 1/2" thick. If you think it is the mold, I will get my DH right on a new one out of pine!!
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    Help.....My soap is still cracking!

    I tried posting a pic, but still didn't get it to work. The temps were 90 -95 for both when I mixed the lye and oils. my recipe is co crisco shea olive canola castor 33% , 5% superfat I use aloe juice instead of water.
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    Help.....My soap is still cracking!

    I am watching it like a hawk. As soon as the temps started to rise I took the covering off. Also put it on a cooling rack. It still kept cracking so I took the mold apart to get more air around it. Is it my mold. Maybe not enough area on top. It is made of a type of mdf wood not a pine...
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    Cracking question

    Thanks Heartsong.... My husband gave me a "touchless" thermometer when I started, at gel one time I peeked and it was around 180......crazy hot!!!! He also corrected me, my mold is made out of some density board, I think he said high density or mdf... I was thinking it was out of pine...