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    Bergamot, Benzoin, and Cedarwood Help

    Hi All, 1. A while back I made a blend of Bergamot, Tea Trea and Cedarwood for a CP soap. I usually premix my EOs right before I start soaping, so they have about an hour to mingle. I noticed that my Cedarwood and Bergamot seeded to disappear. Has that happened to anyone else when you have...
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    can you successfully gel goat milk soap?

    Would love to know how people do it without watching it like a hawk. I just made a GM batch and left it out for 3 hours. Was just getting ready to leave the house for the gym when I noticed it starting to crack - so in the freezer it went. I was so paranoid about a potential volcano even in...
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    Foaming Bath Whip Question

    I have noticed that many of the recipes I come across for scrubs contain Foaming Bath Whip. My issue is that I don't like all the ingredients found in commercial bath whips. Can you make a bath whip for use in scrubs without using the pre-made kind with all the things in it I try to keep out...
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    Sugar/Salt Scrub Containers

    Hi, Wondering what company folks go with to package their scrubs. I looked into Alpha packaging, but they have a $500 minimum and I am not at that level, yet. I bought some clear containers from WSP, but they leaked (no liner available for the one I bought). Any leads would be much...
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    Lumpy coconut milk soap

    Coconut Milk Soaps - Guar Gum I just went to the health food store, and the only coconut milk they had contains guar gum. I have read on this forum that the additive will speed up trace. I am wondering if someone who has used CM with GG can tell me if I should cease and desist (LOL!!!). If...
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    Will these metal thins hold creams and salt scrubs without leaking?

    Tins for body butters/scrubs/etc. I would say no. I bought a body butter at a festival in a tin and it was solid the day I bought it. Then the next day, I noticed it got soft. Well, I didn't think twice about it. The next day, at an important meeting I was presenting at, I opened it up -...
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    Market Day

    Thanks!!! Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It was a very slow market, but I think it was because of location and possibly saturation (3 other soapers). Anyway, it was a great opportunity and I will be doing it again in July. lenarenee, I wish!!! Wild (my spirit) Indigo (my favorite...
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    Market Day

    Moonlight Market in Columbus, Ohio with some of my newest creations:).
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    Lavender and Poetry
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    Plain Jane

    Unscented with Rose clay
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    Prices much too low.

    Cost of supplies Newbie question: How do you figure out your cost per bar? I don't have any soaping software packages, yet, so not sure how to calculate without it. Are there simple and free ways to calculate?
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    how do i start selling full time? and write a successful business plan

    I am new to selling ( I have had my soaps at a local indoor farmer's market), and I will be at a show in June, July, and August, and hopefully another quaint shop just north of me. I have had similar concerns. I really love empowering others and my experience with fellow soapers is that they...
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    Eucalyptus soap

    What a beautiful effect! Very pretty:wink:.
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    3 questions that have been haunting me ; )

    Thanks for the quick responses Obsidian, Seawolfe, and Candybee!!! I appreciate the guidance : )