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    Bio-terge 804 substitute

    Hi, I'm still trying to make M&P from scratch, I bought the book and the formula she recommends uses BioTerge 804 but it will be hard to find in Australia, does anyone know what I can use instead?
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    New guy with questions, lye and lard soap

    wood ash lye is a weak and impure form of potassium lye (KOH) as opposed to commercial lye which is the same as caustic soda, or sodium lye (NaOH). KOH (or caustic potash) will saponify fats, but it rarely makes a solid bar of soap, for most people the end result is a liquid or paste. when you...
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    is clay calcined?

    Surely if you just discount the lye water a bit it wouldn't matter? I would think soap clay is supplied dry because its weighs a lot less and is therefore cheaper to post and has a much longer shelf life that way?
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    Palm Oil

    I know palm oil is the bomb for soap, but can't we do without? Even when you make sure you source the stuff that doesn't kill the tigers and orang-utans, many suppliers are mislabelling RSPO or are unaware of parts of the supply chain that are not secure. And, using palm oil at all only supports...
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    Extreme Hard Water

    I used to keep big bottles of rainwater in the shower for hair rinsing when we lived on a farm with all our house water coming from a spring fed pond (lots of minerals, plus fish and plants also living in it). Where I am now (also iron mining area) when tap water evaporates it leaves a fine...
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    melt and pour from scratch

    Curious to know if there's many others making their own M&P from scratch, I've had a go, it worked but could have been better (cloudy, sweaty, didn't pour like the bought stuff, formed a skin very quickly) I've bought the book that everyone all over the internet recommends, its in transit. Why...
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    Hot process meltable base sweat problem

    I've bought the book (not from Amazon, they suck at treating their employees like human beings, and I live in Australia where they don't have distribution ... yet), now just waiting for it to arrive I've melted and mixed together all my not-quite-right melt base batches, the final product was a...
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    Soap dishes....

    I made this wood thing yesterday, it is gum tree sticks trimmed with secateurs and stuck together with hot glue, I've made a few of them in fact. They can be made for any soap dish, saucer, plastic container etc...
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    Hot process meltable base sweat problem

    Hi, I've been trying out some meltable base formulas, but every one I've made sweats badly, literally dissolves itself in absorbed water. I live in a hot humid tropical climate which doesn't help (however indoors is usually cool and dehumidified) I started with a hot process coconut/olive oil...