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    Handmade Soap and Health Claims

    I totally agree with you and many times in the forum I mention to people they should see a Dermatologist. Modern medicine is NOT BAD. JillGat I am so glad you persisted and found the right Dermatologist and I hope it goes well for you. We just have to be persistent today. I have severe eczema...
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    Most difficult to make

    I agree with Fruity Pebbles, it looks great.
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    Gums are killing my lovely lather!

    Good you are selling so I will not add any comments to that point, but I will mention you better do more research on selling a Soap based shampoo. There are other ways to thicken your LS but I will keep them to myself. We had/have a well-known "Natural Hair system" made manufactured by a...
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    Shea Nut Oil

    What you have is a fractionated shea nut oil which is wonderful in lip balms, balms, whipped butter, lotions etc. As DeeAnna mentions, it will not be prone to becoming grainy like regular shea butter becomes.
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    Market Newbie

    I took a min of 40 different soaps to all my weekly markets, and you can see from my earlier posts I had tables with lotions, and various other products, plus my crochet hats. I set out a very large amount of product.
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    Tobacco and Caramel from California Candle Supply, Tobacco Leaf and Amber, and Tobacco and Bay Leaf, were all very good sellers for me. Although none outsold DB.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    As I am sure everyone saw my post but yes it does happen. A realtor wanted my rental house which I told him no. He walked into our house I bought it within literally 3 minutes. No fees, completely as-is with no inspections, commissions etc. Our house is a total fixer upper hillside home. We even...
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    Moving after 35 yrs...

    It would be so much easier if I could just pack a moving truck and move but I have to figure out what to build move to another place while building. Plus stretching the money from our house. Blah....I refuse to put retirement money into this build and move. Of course, even after 48 yrs the hubby...
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    How do you melt your oils?

    I have never melted all my palm oil and repackaged it. I purchase in 35lb pails and just scoop from different areas of the buckets. I use hdpe buckets such as ones you can buy at a paint store, measure my solid oils out in the bucket and melt them in the microwave, I then measure in my liquid...
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    Why does 100% coconut oil soap work?

    100% CO soap does not last long because it is a high soluble soap which is why it lathers easily, it is also why it lathers in saltwater and is considered a Sailer's Soap.
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    Help!)Cold pressed soap spots on surface

    First off Welcome to soapmaking, but do take your time. Also, it is not Cold Pressed soap it is Cold Process Soap. Lye soap for babies is Not necessarily gentle for their skin. Babies are usually better off with a mild synthetic soap or a nice store-bought un-fragranced baby cleanser, even...
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    Moving after 35 yrs...

    I hope you are right Peachy Clean. Can you imagine there were icicles hanging from the bottom of our car this morning when we left Winnemucca? This will be quite a change for a So Cal gal. You probably can since you are high desert if I remember.
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    Moving after 35 yrs...

    I am glad too. I have been to the Griddle and it is yum. I am guessing it is going to be the better part of a year since we will probably go with a stick house and will obviously building. I also hope for no family drama... Whoo Hoo, a lot with a view and an end lot. :dance: LOL, I had to...
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    Moving after 35 yrs...

    How in the world do you move after 35 yrs. I sold my house last week after 6 minutes of talking to someone and not planning this at all. A realtor wanted to buy my rental house which I told him no but mentioned I might want to sell my fixer-upper hillside home. Well, he walked in and said he...
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    Market Newbie

    Here is another way to get elevation and table real estate. You can purchase telescoping tables that you can elevate behind your tables and use inexpensive boards elevated and different levels and make fitted covers for them. I just used a table cloth for making the covers. My pics are not...