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    Review of the Hercules Soap Cutting Station from Custom Craft Tools

    I literally snapped the wire today on my loaf splitter after spending several minutes unwinding, then momentarily losing concentration and rewinding too tightly. The Hercules is a thing of beauty and I now want it! Think I will have to ask for money towards it for my next birthday present - the...
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    Cherry blossom hand soap

    CPOP is great when you want to ensure gel but your room is usually cooler or don't have a heat pad. I'm a hobby soaper and generally just make soap for me and a few friends/family so haven't invested in lots of equipment. Just remember to tell anyone you live with you've got soap in the oven...
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    Cherry blossom hand soap

    I've been making soap as a hobby for about 18 months now. Today, for the first time, I've had a batch go exactly how I wanted it to (bearing in mind it's not finished saponifying or been cut yet!). A friend of mine wanted to learn the process, so I used a familiar recipe, a reliable fragrance...