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    carrot soap

    Hello I am looking for info on carrot soap. I am not interested in the oils used to make the soap, but more interested in the additives. For example: Have you used carrot juice as a subtitute for water (if so what %, is 100% ok). Has anyone used carrot pulp? What is better carrot juice or...
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    Soapwort or Soapnuts

    Has anyone ever used a soapwort or soapnut tea in their soap recipe? If so how did the soap turn out?
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    Cold Pressed Grapefruit Seed Oil

    "Wow that is a big difference"! :thumbup:
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    Cold Pressed Grapefruit Seed Oil

    I got it at botanic planet in Ontario. $10.00 for 125 ml.
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    Nice Pink Biodiesel Glycerin (BDG) Soap.

    How do you remove the methanol from the glycerin?
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    Biodiesel Glycerin Soap (BDG) Examples

    I have an opportunity to get some glycerin from someone who makes biodiesel. What are some important questions to ask of him in order to make sure that the glycerin does not contain any harmful ingredients? Is there some type of testing I should do to the glycerin in order to acertain if it is...
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    Making Glycerin Soap from Biodiesel By Products

    Has anyone made glycerin soap from biodiesel byproduct?
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    Cold Pressed Grapefruit Seed Oil

    Hi coffeetime, grapefruit seed oil. Not the extract or essential oil, but the cold pressed oil from the grapefruit seed.
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    Cold Pressed Grapefruit Seed Oil

    Hello has anyone used Cold Pressed Grapefruit seed oil in a soap recipe? How much did you use? What was the result?
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    Frozen Banana's in soap

    Thank you for the reply's. Tienne, what is ROE?
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    Frozen Banana's in soap

    Can I use my frozen banana's in a soap recipe? I have seen some recipe's with banana's used but I have not found any that say that the banana's were frozen. They usually say use ripe banana's
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    The Zap Test: A Visual Guide

    Zap test Hello, I made my first batch of soap 4 weeks ago. I did the zap test a day after the soap was made, then each week. I could tell the zap was getting less and less. Should it not be there at all? Should the soap only be used if there is no zap felt? Thanks
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    Suppliers in Ontario

    Lye Oh wow home hardware stocks it? I did not know that. Thanks so much. I will look. I ordered from botanic planet and recieved some via canada post. Candora would not ship via Canada post. They said they could only do it via UPS.
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    Suppliers in Ontario

    Where is the best place to buy lye in Ontario?