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    Majestic Mountain Sage Vanilla Contents

    I have looked through IFRAs and SDSs and all associated blurbs for FOs I recently purchased from MMS and cannot find where they list their vanilla contents. I did email them but got no reply. I bet one of you can point me to that information and I would appreciate it.
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    Favorite WSP fragrances?

    Black aronia berry -Yum!, Pink Mimosa, Wild Berry Mimosa, Sugar Plum Fairy, Beach Daisies, Pink lotus and lime, and Water orchid❤️
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    Favorite WSP fragrances?

    Omg!! Who posted about putting away an order and finding a bottle-or two-of the fragrance just received?! Guilty! Ah, then it’s time to make a batch!😊
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    Looking For A Realistic, Beautiful Jasmine Fragrance

    I feel your pain🤣🤣🤣
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    April Fool's Day

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    Oh my!

    I couldn’t figure that one out, either. Thanks for the info!🤣
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    Calling me Hun

    That’s just plain adorable!
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    Ciaglia Method

    Beautiful soap!
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    Calling me Hun

    And, Sugar, Miss Kim, honeypie, ...all meant with kindness and affection in the south. Up north here if you say those things people get easily offended. I think it’s just a cultural thing. We offend pretty easily as a species anymore, don’t we?
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    Neapolitan soap and fragrance woes

    It’s so beautiful!
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    Struggling with FO Purchases

    I so agree with you!! I am pretty new to this and my recent love of WSP’s Cupcake scent went over with friends like dynamite so I made several products with that scent. It’s very different with each product. Even from one body butter to another variety of butter (different oils) it changes. All...
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    Struggling with FO Purchases

    I either put them on the free for the taking table at work or chuck them 😊
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    Best true Sea Salt and Orchid FO

    Hi- I have bought a few FO’s of SSaO and Sea Salt and Lily and I am not satisfied. They all seem woodsy and musky. Can someone recommend a seller I perhaps haven’t found yet? I normally buy from WSP but they don’t carry it. Brambleberry’s isn’t right and I couldn’t stand the CandleScience...
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    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    Zany, the purists here are going to gag but I am really new at this and I am having a ton of fun so... I used WSP’s foaming bath whipped soap base, 32 ounces, walnut oil, rosehip oil, 5 ounces of melted shea butter, 2 ounces of melted coconut soap base (M&P), and 8 ounces of cubed raw African...