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  1. Cherry Liu

    Soap Color Went to Hell and Back!

    Sorry, to clarify again...I did NOT post a pic of the darkened soap (kinda wish I did now). The after pic is normal, you're right, but it wasn't until I stuck it into the freezer to cool. Not sure if it would've gotten that way if I'd just set it on the counter after CPOP as dibbles suggested...
  2. Cherry Liu

    Soap Color Went to Hell and Back!

    Hey Marilyn. No, it actually looked almost BLACK it was so dark. If you notice what I wrote, I didn't take a photo of it during that period...I think I was just too mad lol. Just took it out of the fridge (where I'd left it for a couple hours after an hour in the freezer), and I'll be cutting...
  3. Cherry Liu

    Soap Color Went to Hell and Back!

    Ok first of all, hello everyone...this is my first post on this forum, hence I just wanted to make a post to say hi. I've been soaping since just the beginning of this year and I'm addicted ;) However, I did just have a very interesting experience with my soap colorant. I used cherry red...
  4. Cherry Berry 2

    Cherry Berry 2

    Before CPOP and Freezer
  5. Cherry Berry

    Cherry Berry

    After 1 hour each of CPOP AND Freezer