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    Getting soap out of Milky Way plastic cavity molds?

    Thank you Irish Lass!!! I've only tried putting mine in the freezer for a couple of hours, but now I see that that isn't nearly long enough! I dread making these every year (and I make a few hundred bars!), so your advice is a VERY much appreciated!!
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    Getting soap out of Milky Way plastic cavity molds?

    I've never had very good results with Milky Way molds for CP soap. I've tried lightly painting them with mineral oil / liberally painting them with mineral oil / putting them in the freezer / waiting up to 2 weeks to unmold the soap and nothing works well for me. I can get them out of the mold...
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    Brown Bath Bombs?

    I would 100% buy a brown, chocolate-scented bath bomb called Augustus Gloop!! But then again, I have a weird sense of humor.
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    Beeswax candle with wooden wick

    Aside from needing a larger wooden wick to create a full melt pool, wooden wicks usually need to be trimmed with each burn. You can use a wick trimmer or just pinch off the blackened portion of the wick with your fingers before lighting the candle. This should give you more of the fire...
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    BBW Vanilla Patchouli Dupe?

    I have a customer who has requested products with a dupe of the discontinued Bath and Body Works 'Vanilla Patchouli' scent. I'm unfamiliar with this scent so I looked it up and all BBW states for the scent is this: "Vanilla Absolute and Patchouli oil." and "Made with natural essential oils."...
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    I would buy 2 pounds!
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    Christening party soap ideas

    Ooohhh, I love mortadella!! Now I'm craving a muffaletta!! I bought some really cute silicone lamb molds from Brambleberry a year or so ago, but when I searched for them just now I couldn't find them on their site. And honestly, your lace soaps are pretty perfect for a christening anyway! I'm...
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    Does anyone here make custom silicone liners?

    I've used freezer paper for years, but I would really like to have silicone liners for the wooden molds made by my husband. I have 16 of them so I don't want to buy new molds to make sure the liners will fit correctly. We have so many multi-talented people in this group that I thought it was...
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    My first candles. What's with the wick?

    Hit it with the heat gun and it should be fine! I agree with Tara H that the wicks were probably held too taut.
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    Question re Day-Star Soap Supplies

    I've always found Stacy to be very ethical, kind, and friendly in the years I've done business with Day Star. You DO realize that she's been dealing with her mother's critical illness (and most likely death at this point), right? And that as an only child her father needs her by his side? I...
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    What is the hardest soap you have ever made?

    For hardness + longevity, it would be 5 year old Castile soap for me! Back in the summer of 2016 I got on a Castile kick and made several batches. They most likely aren't true Castile soap because I added Sodium Lactate and silk to my lye water along with sea salt. I let them cure for a year and...
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    Cracklin' Birch FO

    I usually start with an idea and then choose a fragrance that feels like a good fit with that concept. Like "Hmmm, let's make a Southern Gothic soap. What should that smell like? It should evoke thoughts of eccentric characters, decaying plantation houses, madness, and mystery." My choice of a...
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    Lip Balm Flavoring

    Some of my favorites: Brambleberry Passionfruit Rose WSP Cake Batter Strawberry Sorbet Tupelo Honey Bulk Apothecary Rose
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    Gauging the Masses

    A resounding YES to this!! But I've found that my customers like (and now expect) something a little different and out of the ordinary from me. Like amd said, you need to find your target market. For me this also varies regionally. For instance: my Voodoo soap collection isn't going to sell at a...