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    Making whipped soap sugar scrub

    Depends on how much you want to make. You multiply the percentage by your total batch size you want to create. So it varies by your container and the number of containers you will be filling. For example, if you have a 5oz jar and want to fill 10 jars, your total batch size would be 50oz.
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    My first attempt ... soda ash got me. What to do?

    Gosh I love when people know the science! Thanks for such an easy to understand explanation, I love getting to learn more ❤️
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    My first attempt ... soda ash got me. What to do?

    Never had a problem myself but that’s the funny thing about skin, I suppose. We all react a little different. Maybe your skin is more sensitive to it?
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    My NOT Seascape Soaps

    Lol glad you got a good laugh! It is a fantastic soap though!
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    Some of our soaps!

    That’s a great way to put it! ❤️
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    Some of our soaps!

    Thank you! We do love what we do, that’s for sure!
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    My NOT Seascape Soaps

    I would wear the ugliest shoes in a heartbeat to win that Maui Moon Rise. It’s gorgeous!
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    Zany's No Slime Castile

    Oooooh that soap is smooth! I bet that pour was so satisfying
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    Soap from Handmade in Florida

    Ooooh her soaps and packaging are so pretty! Jealous you got to indulge!
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    Finally got to make soap :)

    Love those colors! Very pretty combo
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    Some of our soaps!

    Hey all! Excited to show you all some of our creations. My business partner and I have such a blast making these. ❤️ We make soap for our business (along with bath bombs, bubble bars, lip balms, and lip scrubs!). We also film a lot of our process and put it on our YouTube channel. Really...
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    My first attempt ... soda ash got me. What to do?

    This! Because of our climate, every once in awhile we get soda ash and steaming too soon always brings a lot of it back for us. To help avoid it in the future, spray liberally with rubbing alcohol every 15 minutes for the first 1-1.5 hours after you finish. Helps tons!
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    Hey there soapers!

    Thank you! Just got to figure out where to post them. We have photos and we also have a YouTube channel but I don’t know if I can post links quite yet, my account may be too new. Soon!
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    DIY soaping supplies?

    We’ve absolutely gone there for bowls, spatulas, popsicle sticks, etc... but never thought to check for butters!
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    DIY soaping supplies?

    Awesome, thank you! I can’t believe some DTs carry cocoa butter. Guess I have a trip to make tonight lol