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    Is this dangerous?

    I made rapeseed oil soap several times but it's never had a very good shelf life even with the ROE. Mine developed DOS after about 3 months and for me that's just not acceptable. I decided it wasn't worth it. My current favorite recipe can last over 10 years and still perform as well if not...
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    Lye with no lid

    I've seen that movie. lol
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    Creative soap lining

    Silicone baking mats I picked up at a good will store for 50 cents. I cut them to the size of the mold and it was easy to peel them off when I unmolded.
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    Christmas 2020

    I've already started my holiday embeds. I'll start making winter holiday soaps in July. Actually July is when I start the whole fall through winter line up. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I love doing fall scents and designs.
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    A soap I bought and just unwrapped...

    The minute I saw an expiration date I would stay far away from that soap. I have soap that I made over 10 years ago that looks and performs just as well as any of my currently made and cured soaps. Definitely looks rancid.
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    Lye with no lid

    Oh ok, I was always told to strain out lye lint.
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    Lye with no lid

    Thanks, I can weigh it because I have the weight of the container written on the side so I always remember it. All of my soaping bowls/containers I weighed and then wrote on them so in case I forgot what I was weighing out or if my scale shut off in the middle of me getting my oils and such...
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    Lye with no lid

    So I made up some lye mixture 2 days ago so I would have it ready when I wanted to make soap this weekend. Once it cooled I put a lid on it and left it on my counter in my workspace. Well my partner was visiting and unknown to me he took the lid off so it's been sitting out for 2 days with no...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Well I finally finished the chicken and egg soap project last night and cut it. A few things need tweaking. My eggs lost their yellow color and went more tan. My inner egg white doesn't quite match the outer egg white but that could just be because it's freshly cut. Overall for a first try it's...
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    Why wrap in a towel after pouring?

    I make mik soap but I don't refrigerate it, I put mine in the oven that's been heated on the lowest setting then I turn off the oven before I put the soap in and let it sit in the warm oven. The only soap I put in the fridge is my milk and honey soap because I put actual honey in it with the...
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    Please help me understand...

    In regards to your trace, you might want to soap at a lower temp. The higher temp can speed trace. I try to soap between 80-90F. If I soap higher than that my light trace tends to speed up to a thick trace in no time.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Cut my ocean soap, not awful, not great. I do love the colors. Will definitely play more with them.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made an ocean themed soap. Everything went sort of ok. It got a little thick at the end as I was adding the colors but I wasn't too worried about it. My only thing is my white soap that I made to add for accent in the middle hardened up like crazy so it probably didn't swirl like I wanted it to...
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    Margarine in soap anyone?

    You can but because of the additives and rapeseed oil it's likely to go rancid if not used quickly and it may go rancid anyway. Maybe use it to make cat fish bait soap. ;-)
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    Stick Blender one more time!

    I've seen the video. And I know that I need to stop blending, I'm just a "one more time" addict. lol