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Even though I’m a SAHM, I had my kids at 35 and 38. I have to remind them that I did have a life before they were born. In otherwords, I had “real” jobs like loan officer, office manager, lead loan processor. I’m a gardener. I’ve completed the Master Preserver course. I dabble in mixed media art. I’m my parents caretaker; and as such, manage a 3generation household. I love to read, mostly sci fi (real big thick technical sci fi stuff) but also anything that catches my eye as interesting. I will get behind anything that encourages human flourishing. I’m a 5 wing 4 on the enneagram and an INFJ on the Myers Briggs. I’m a geek and proud of it. I cannot sing in key, tone deaf and my dance skills rival Elaine’s from Seinfeld. I’m incapable of small talk. Whenever I try I sound like someone who spent the last 30 years living on the moon.
Mar 25, 1971 (Age: 52)
Salem, OR