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  1. Carly B

    Pigments vs micas

    Thanks everyone. :thumbs: I ended up getting a small sampler pack of pigments to try. I'm looking forward to experimenting after the holidays.😁
  2. Carly B

    Jelly Soap

    I think using the base for sugar (or salt?) scrubs is a great idea. I would have thought the jelly soaps had a high percentage of water and would dissolve the sugar. Can you tell us a little about it?
  3. Carly B

    Pigments vs micas

    Thanks, Zing! I usually disperse my micas in oil anyway, so that's not an issue for me. You say they are worth the extra effort--why? What makes it worth it in the final product? Subtext to my question---I need to get more TD, which I guess is considered a pigment. I was thinking about...
  4. Carly B

    Pigments vs micas

    What's the difference between pigments and micas? Can they be used interchangeably in CP soap? Is there a benefit to using one over the other?
  5. Carly B

    FOs - Scent Memory Fragrance

    13 new fragrances coming in a week or two! COMING SOON A couple of them sound really interesting.... :swinging:
  6. Carly B

    Are these the same or different?

    Generally what I have found (not with these specifically) is that often the fragrances are similar, yet different in some way. For example, Nurture and Fragrance Buddy both sell several Lush dupes. I've had the Karma dupe from both. They smell very similar, but the FB Karma sticks in CP soap...
  7. Carly B

    Just heard Nature's Garden has been bought out by WSP

    True, never doubted that. But considering other than Nurture, the minimum shipping I've seen is $12+/-, I'll take a flat $5.95 shipping fee if I need something.
  8. Carly B

    Just heard Nature's Garden has been bought out by WSP

    I didn't realize it before today, but they also own Flaming Candle. I got two emails this morning about it (one ostensibly from NG, the other from WSP). I thought interesting, though, that when saying what companies were under this umbrella, they didn't mention Rustic Escentuals. Wonder who...
  9. Carly B

    Gifted soaps. Are they being used?

    I have made soap and/or candles the last few years which hubby likes to gift to neighbors, friends, and family. Honestly, I don't care if they are being used. I know they are good soaps, and since I don't sell, it gives me a chance to make soap and not have it accumulate around the house. :)...
  10. Carly B

    FOs - Scent Memory Fragrance

    I've soaped with Terra--it was a ciaglia soap--10 oz of shreds in 14 oz of oils. No discoloration, and although it thickened quickly, I attribute a lot of that to the high percentage of shreds. Only made tarts with Ol' Mossy Walls (which was lovely), but Oregon Trails has what they call a...
  11. Carly B

    Suggestions for masculine Christmas or Winter Fragrance Oil?

    How does it behave in terms of acceleration?
  12. Carly B

    Favorite and/or least favorite words

    My favorite was my little son's attempt at caterpillar---padderliller. I still call them that, after more than 30 years!
  13. Carly B

    Favorite and/or least favorite words

    Seeing a post where @TheGecko talked about words she hated made me wonder what words folks here liked or disliked. What words conjure up strong feelings for you, either in the way they are pronounced or their meanings? Maybe we can all learn some new, fun words. 😁 I have a tendency to love...
  14. Carly B

    Cold Process vs Melt and Pour Opinions

    This is a question for those of you who do, or have done both. What are your preferences, and why? I started with M&P 15 or so years ago. I was nervous about using lye, so I bought M&P bases and had a lot of fun for a couple years. I always had admiration of those who made CP--I preferred...
  15. Carly B

    FOs - Scent Memory Fragrance

    My recipe was 50% lard, and it wasn't really an issue, it's just usually I'm waiting around for thing to thicken a little, and this was ready for the ITP right away. I probably should portion off my colors, especially white, but I never think to do that. Thanks for the reminder. :) I actually...