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    Beginners luck ended last night...

    ...depends? I'm hesitant to say yes, definitely, but some members have found that a very long cure will help with somewhat lye-heavy soap. Does it zap? That's the first thing you should find out, right after checking your scale with something of a known weight. From there it would be easier...
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    If Only......

    I've always wondered about lifetime guarantees on products......
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    If Only......

    and feel like packing things up and taking it back to the (at the time) very public post office. This thread got me to thinking though....the insecurities they are preying on really haven't changed much....
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    Beginners luck ended last night...

    Have you checked the scale with a known weight? Do the bars zap?
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    If Only......

    A quick stroll thru the cosmetics section of any google search or drugstore sure lacks the brassy in-your-face confidence of the old ads, but things haven't changed much, in terms of promising eternal youth. As long as you never read down to the fine print disclaimer, your cellulite...
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    Master Lye Gremlin Habitat

    What's your water like?
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    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    "Master Lye Gremlin Habitat" ding ding ding, we have a winner! CaraBou just conjured this very interesting mental image of a rather basic grotto (*cough*)
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    If Only......

    LOL, LunaSkye - I don't know either. I just know the pressure to be "feminine" with products never seems to go away (and basing it on our secret insecurities seems to be the main track) Yup, they've been out a while, and they're still out (scented tampons). I love me my Diva cup, and wouldn't...
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    Few basic general questions

    That's actually an interesting way to look at it, and clarifies for me my feelings in this thread and the other quite a bit. The responses to your posting this do the rest.
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    I need to vent. Lost 5.5kg of oils today

    Oh, yes, that was my mistake too...thinking you had wanted NaOH, but had used KOH.
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    Chocolate swirl soap!

    Is it coloured with cocoa powder? (Mine is, I put too much in and it's messy...have just been trying to decide what I will do with it)
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    I need to vent. Lost 5.5kg of oils today

    At least it's sorta understandable how both shipper and buyer might not have noticed the difference in the labels (if a bin were mis-filled in the warehouse, for instance).....we once got a large number of earplugs when we'd ordered a chemical reagent....I guess earplugs were in that bin...so...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    mentally debating with myself as to how to rebatch/reuse an overly cocoa-powdered batch I made a while ago and don't like to use because it makes a mess everywhere. It's either shred as a confetti (which won't be much fun, as it's pretty cured) or rebatch into a larger batch, I think.
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    Sodium Hydroxide Solution vs Aluminum

    Agreed...."react" is accurate, but doesn't really convey whether it is microscopic (like lye and BS glass) or a violent reaction (like this one) or deadly (like bleach and acid) - more information is usually a good thing. I wonder what the strengths of the solutions are...coke is highly acidic...
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    I need to vent. Lost 5.5kg of oils today

    well that's really disheartening. I hope the company is sympathetic or responsive.