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    CP OR HP for Aleppo Soap?

    Lol!I agree!
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    100% EVOO Castile Soap

    Firstly, sorry I'm so off and on again here of late. I work 2 jobs to make ends meet and find it hard to squeeze time in for my favorite passion thees days.....soap making. But 6 months ago I made a TRUE castile soap and almost tossed it because it didn't lather and was slimy. Well, I read you...
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    100% coconut oil soap

    I forgot the pic of the finished soap. Just an experiment, but 25% vrs 20% seems to work fine. When I unmolded the soap from its silicone mold, the soap was some what oily(ok....A LOT oil)but within a few hours the excess oil seemed to have reabsorbed back into the bars.
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    100% coconut oil soap

    Thanks. I totally forgot about full water soaping hotter. I was so blown away by the color. Strange though how it ended up perfectly white. What about the water though, what if it actually were not distilled, could the minerals and what ever else is in regular water cause this?
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    100% coconut oil soap

    I had only made 1 large batch of 100% coconut oil soap sf'd at 20%. That batch lasted well over a year and I think I used coconut milk as my liquid and no other additives. All went as expected. Last night I made my 2nd 100%co batch(though I have made many,many other soaps)and tried 25% sf, and...
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    Cocoa butter

    I would like to add that I do only use food grade cb that has been tempered, the stuff that comes in little wafers for making chocolate. I have not had experience with the other grades in soap making, I have read that untempeted causes some sort of chalky spotiness and striping. But I don't know...
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    Cocoa butter

    I just finished a shampoo bar batch at 35% cocoa butter (yes, I meant to type "35%") and it is so creamy, bubbly, silky, hard and NON-DRYING. I have yet to have cracking or over heating issues and I do cpop to force gel. BUT I do use full water at 38% of oil weight, because 1. It traces fast and...
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    Hard to make plain soap?

    No, that's all I do is naked, plain. Less is best, to me. Though I admire the talent a lot of soapers have for making some really pretty art work out of soap, I want to use it and it to be benificial. I find all the additives to drying and irritating. Sometime I wish I could use dressed up soap...
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    My valentine

    That is just too cool! Very creative and artsy. Love it! You could probably take this same concept and do some kind of "his&hers" soap set. Can't get over the creativity of this. AWSOME!
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    need dog soap recipe,

    I use the 100% coconut oil soap with the 20% super fat. That's it! Seriously! I had originally made it for me but it was still too drying on my skin so I use it on my mini snow white poodle. And I honestly can say that the coconut oil soap is the only natural thing that has eliminated the...
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    Help! What happened!?

    Oh my.I can't offer help or advice but can offer my heart felt compassion.I am so sorry.I feel your frustration and hope you find a sollution. Good luck :)
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    Sorry here's the pic of the laurel berry oil.
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    My laurel berry oil came, and now I'm kind of unsure.This is more pasty/thin gel-like constancy than oil.smells awesome!i can see how the soap takes on a peppery smell. Are there any soap makers with some aleppo under their belt that could throw done pointers my way? What would be a good %...
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    I could kick myself, but I had to see the green for myself! Wow it IS green! Very creamy, silky lather. Lathers fast and thick and no more drying than any other mild soap, but also not especially moisturizing either. The smell, I'll have to learn to like it, but it's not terrible just peppery...
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    I just got some aleppo soap today in the mail that I ordered.....I'm kind of not sure about it, though I haven't tried it yet. This may found strange but have you ever heard that saying,"so ugly it's just too cute?" It smells wierd, peppery, cardboard, stale-like. But I'm not complaining I'm...