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    Wine or Champagne Soap Recipe needed

    Thank you for the tips and recipes on making soap using Wine/Champagne as well as beer. Since my next big show is not until May 12 I am going to get started right away. I'll let ya'll know how it turns out
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    Wine or Champagne Soap Recipe needed

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a good soap recipe using wine or champagne. I have some great fragrance oils - Merlot and Pino Gris and Champagne but no idea of how to use the wine to mix with the lye/water Any one have a 2 pound soap loaf recipe for making wine soap??
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    Welcome to the SMF Family!! Please read this first :)

    Soap Making Supplies Hi EvilNurse, I have used Brambleberry to order supplies before & I love their customer service however I live on the East Coast and it takes over a week & a 1/2 for me to get my packages. I have found Soap Making Resources http://www.soap-making-resource.com/ and they...
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    Gemstone Soaps! (1st attempt)

    Gemstone Soap These are beautiful, how did you get the shapes? Did you use a mold or just random cuts when you cut up the soap???? What about June - my original stone is Alexandrite a pretty pinky purpley color. You can't find (or if you do) afford the stone anymore since it is SO rare
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    Welcome to the SMF Family!! Please read this first :)

    Selling Soap Good Morning Sep, I sell my soaps, lotions, scrubs etc at Craft Shows, Festivals and the 'Net. To be honest, I think the market is getting saturated, If I do a $200 show (1 day) I do back flips going home cause I think I have done great. Usually I am competing with 3 or 4 other...
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    Comment by 'bryas1728' in media 'Lemon Poppy Seed'

    Very pretty, I am planning on a Lemon Poppy Seed soap made in muffin tins with muffin liners. I hope they turn out as nice as yours look.
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    Comment by 'bryas1728' in media 'Strawberries & Champagne Cut'

    WOW that is one pretty bar of soap!! If you share recipes, I would love to have it.
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    Beer Soap, Wine Soap, Pepsi Soap?

    OK I know you can make soap with wine & beer but how about soda? I had someone ask me at a craft show if I could make Pepsi soap or Coca Cola Soap and that started me thinking (God Help Us All;) Would you make it just the same as beer soap - letting it go FLAT, FLAT, FLAT and even more FLAT...
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    Happy with Bramble Berry Order

    Bramble Berry is my go to supplier, I think their customer service is super great, Rachel and Tina have helped me enormously. I was not happy lately with the vertical mold liner, but finally figured out that I was at to light a trace. Once I figured that out I have not had much trouble with it...
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    1 Weird Problem

    I used Balsam & Citrus Fragrance Oil from Elements Bath & Body, and my recipe called for 3.5 oz but I toned it down to 3 oz for the whole loaf. I must have used to much of the Black Oxide but at the time I didn't think so. Hey Maitri what did you use for your Raiders soap??? Huh tell me...
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    1 Weird Problem

    That is one AWESOME soap - that was what I was going for!
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    1 Weird Problem

    Maitri, that soap is SOOOO cool!! My Steelers soap was supposed to be mostly black on one side and mostly yellow on the other side with a mild swirl in the middle. I have a vertical mold with a center insert that I lift out an give a 1/4 turn so that just a little swirl happens. I FINALLY got 1...
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    1 Weird Problem

    Currently I am trying to get the color of the Steelers football team into a soap and just when I thought everything was going to cooperate my Yellow Oxide turned to a gray and the Black Oxide stayed black. It looked fine in the mold but the day after I took the soap out and cut into bars the...
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    Welcome to the SMF Family!! Please read this first :)

    Glad to have found the forum Hello, My name is Brya and I have been im business since 2008 making gift baskets since then I have morphed a few times til I found soap. It has been a bit rocky since finding Lye is difficult and this is not exactly a cheap craft to undertake. I am having a lot...