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    Is there a way of getting this specific design in a loaf of soap?

    we'll hold you to that promise of posting as we're all rooting for you and curious! LOL:hippo:
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    Is there a way of getting this specific design in a loaf of soap?

    have you tried it yet? I'm curious and am going to watch the video but just thought of finding something thicker to push the black into the white then pouring more black on top??? Or after separating the two batches a thicker white trace before pouring make the indentations in the white then...
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    Fancy oils, what to avoid?

    would sunflower be British???? just curious now!:rolleyes:🤔 They're a big crop in France..... Product Range of Natural Plant Oils | Northstar Lipids. apparently so!! LOVE lard bars! lucky you!!
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    Ethical micas in Britain?

    https://justasoap.co.uk I made an order years ago with JAS. loved their fragrance fresh linen. As far as I can remember there wasn't any seizing with any of my recipes with their fragrances. Never tried anything else....I'm in France so I can't give any other references. Good luck!! btw love...
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    Nova Scotia Newbie

    It'll only get better Nathan!!You'll find help here!:thumbs:
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    New member from France

    Hello Rymi Just be prepared to have a healthy addiction! LOL Making your own soap is such a pleasure. I guess you've already discovered Aromazone. THOUGH I must say I prefer the fragrances from MANSKE in Germany. Their delivery charges are a bit of a pain in the porte monnaie...
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    Manske-shops fragrance oils

    sorry I've only just seen this thread if you're still interested.... I LOVE their Rice flower and the bathroom smells of it after I shower. When I sent a bar to a fellow soaper she asked for the name of the fragrance also. Nautique is a very fresh scent. The only thing I can compare that to is...
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    Scent Search!!!

    I've consistently used two companies in Europe. It was something I'd ordered from the States or the UK....several years ago.
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    Scent Search!!!

    Hello All! I'd like to know if ANY of you have ever come across a 'fake' (estee lauder) fragrance called white linen ? I used it years ago and came across an old salt bar that still smells absolutely dee-licious....but....can I remember who I bought it from? :confused: Of course not! I'd...
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    salt bars not letting go of my molds

    Might seem like a stupid question but did you oil the mould before putting in the soap? It might help...
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    "I will PAY you to teach me!"

    I am coming from both sides.....I was introduced long distance by my best friend's big brother...the type that buys a book and has taught himself everything from fencing to pottery (and I still have some lovely pieces! ) lol He was mp-ing at the time....he is cp-ing it now! So through lotsa...
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    SMF Soap Making Challenge October: Hidden Feather Swirl

    Here here!! Great soaps regardless!....congrats...great thing about soaping....is anything really unsuccessful?;-)
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    SMF Soap Making Challenge October: Hidden Feather Swirl

    Ha! Ha! Before I read that... newbie ...I was thinking....wow, you accidentally get an effect you like then have such a hard time trying to reproduce it!! Your accidents are lovely! :smile:
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    Salt Bar Pictures!

    CTAnton and BrewerGeorge thanks for the info!! I think it'll be pale pink colourants /clay and regular salt!