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    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    SC Yuzu vs. MO Me and Yuzu - I think your cat is walking on your keyboard.
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    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Rimmed Soaps. - Y'all really like your soaps...
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    The Worst Salt Bar in the World

    I like salt bars for their own qualities but, if you were looking for a practical reason you would need a bar to lather in salt water I figure if you do any ocean fishing they would be handy (or for coastal hobo-ing).
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    The Worst Salt Bar in the World

    I'm curious and you'd probably have a good handle on this with your market experience, would it be worth it to make a sign along the lines of "if you have had a poor experience with hand made soap in the past stop by for a free sample" or would that just burn up a bunch of samples as some people...
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    You know you are a soaper when.....

    The fact that you are opening a new window to leave the SMF up also speaks to something.
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    Please help me to explain to people why FO is used instead of EO

    This is one of my all time favorite posts.
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    Ylang Ylang - can anyone explain the smell?

    Well I like it! I read somewhere that it's one of those smells that some like and most everyone else HATES. They went on to mention that people who like ylang ylang tend not to like Lavender and vice versa. I really dislike lavender. eta: I think it smells like a sweet floral similar to...
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    Coffee EO

    I did a trifold infusion with coffee grounds CPed it. The lye monster ate all of the coffee scent (which was VERY strong going in). Was thinking about doing it again with HP and using the infused oil as a high SF anyone ever try something like this?
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    Best simple EO combos for a "manly" scent?

    My very favorite masculine blend I have smelled so far is the blend kchaystack used in the alternative liquid swap. It was a cedar/lavender FO blend with peppermint EO. He did us a FO for the cedar/lavender blend but I'm sure you could get similar results with EOs.
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    Best simple EO combos for a "manly" scent?

    Where are you guys getting your Sandalwood EO that isn't a bazzilion dollars an oz?
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    Hi from Portland! (Oregon, not Maine)

    Yay a fellow Portlander!! Welcome!
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    Free Windows 10

    I keep running into articles about Mozilla being upset about microsoft setting the default browser to Edge instead of some sort of easy choice for the user to default to another browser. The claim is that it is a little anti-intuitive to switch your default to anything other than Edge...
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    things to do with a zucchini...or 2...

    In Ashland, OR you remind your loved ones to lock the doors when leaving the house in summer cause "if you don't you'll come home to a sink full of zucchini."
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    deodorant recipe-converting to grams

    Oh, and to convert to grams when I did mine I started with an online recipe and just weighed everything the first time then tweaked it via grams from there out. -Still haven't found my old recipes.
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    deodorant recipe-converting to grams

    I went to find my recipe book from when I was messing around with deos and I CAN'T FIND IT!!! I moved between seeing it last so I'm sure it's in the basement somewhere. If I find it I'll post the recipe I liked the most. The Baking Soda got to me pretty quick and become very unpleasant so I...