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    Coffee Soap

    The coffee soap!
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    Coffee soap, cold process
  3. BorgKat

    Kitchen scents with zero Cinnamon

    Currently, we are about to start a coffee one, I defused some coffee in oil and a 3x coffee for my liquid yesterday. Been prepping for the past hour to pour just as soon as I’m done here. This looks like a fun one!
  4. BorgKat

    Kitchen scents with zero Cinnamon

    Ha, unfortunately I know he is sensitive to clove when eating them, so I don’t think putting them in soap would be the best idea. He as a rule avoids the entire pumpkin pie/holiday scent mixes.
  5. BorgKat

    Kitchen scents with zero Cinnamon

    So, I have a freind with severe allergy to cinnamon and cinnamon oil. Do you know good fragrances with any cinnamon.
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    Yes, we watch a large amount of YouTube channels. We watch both regularly.
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    hey, I’m Kat. Long term Jane of all trades master of none. I am a homeschool mom and a professional Face painter/clown. I did a couple of batches of both m&p and cp a loooong time ago in 4-h/Girl Scouts, so I’m only partly newish. My kids are 11 and 8. We have decided to do soap making for...