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    Hello again....

    Welcome back, Lindy!!!
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    Deep Cleansing Oil

    If you actually want to try and dupe this, this list of actual ingredients might be more helpful. Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil*, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil*, Argania Spinsosa (Argan) Oil*, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Rosa Mosqueta (Rose) Hip Oil*, Persea...
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    The Little Efficacious Gentleman

    Oh, my! Times does indeed fly, and time has been good to your little peeps. They are gorgeous kids, and it is obviously a mutual admiration society. Great to hear from you!
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    WSP Acquires Rustic & Elements

    I recently ordered some polysorbate 80 from MYOB. Actually it was weeks ago. I have not received it yet, but I did receive an apology email yesterday from them that it had not been shipped. Their website is now saying 14-16 days to deliver, but it has been longer than that since I ordered, I...
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    Linoleics Anonymous

    Experiment, I say! Make small batches so you won't feel like you have wasted your time and supplies. I have had to experiment a lot due to sensitive, dry skin issues. I had to make 4 batches of salt bars before I found a salt level that I liked and that didn't make me itch like a demon. I am...
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    Linoleics Anonymous

    OK, I had to go back and look up the recipe in my book. I was wrong. This soap is 2 years old this month! The first RBO soap I made was 85% RBO, and it was too sticky, slimy, and soft. This soap is 80% refined RBO (probably Riceland, I use that most of the time), 15% PKO, 5% Castor, EDTA...
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    Linoleics Anonymous

    One of my favorite soaps is 80% RBO. Made over a year ago, no rancidity, no DOS, a lovely soap for my sensitive skin. It is slightly translucent, is not a really hard soap, but lasts a reasonable length of time provided it is kept dry between uses. I know traditional thinking is that this is...
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    UH OH! I guess I haven't communicated well, Earlene. They cannot lie flat against the surface that they are sitting on. They have to be rounded (convex) on their surface area, not in circumference. Does that make sense? That is why it works so well. The pressure applied to each end causes...
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    No magical thumbs here. Just 70 year old ones. I was shown this trick by my physician husband, and you would be amazed how easy it is. If the tablet is rounded and placed on a hard surface, 2 fingers is all it takes to break most of them in half. The trick is magic, not my fingers. I have a...
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    @earlene: The melatonin I buy is a 3 mg. tablet that is rounded. If yours is as well, just put both of your thumbs on either side of the tablet, apply pressure, and it should break into 2 equal halves. I take 1.5 mg. of melatonin every night for various reasons. It is the dose that does not...
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    I will put this on my list to try, but it is hot where I live as well, so I don't know how well I would tolerate this, even at the bottom of the bed. I have heard lots of folks say it works well for them.
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    Thank you, Mary, for your quick reply. I will have to try this. I am pretty desperate for a good night's sleep. I sleep about 4-5 hours if I am lucky most nights. It really sucks the life out of you after a while. I am not a good daytime napper, which just complicates the issue.
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    I am quite curious about topical magnesium cream. Where do you get yours? Where do you put it and how much? The older I get, the less I sleep, and I can tell it is really affecting how I feel.
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    Laundry Soap Making Clothes Smell - Help?

    I had a front loading washer that was top of the line for a few years, and I thought it was waaay too high maintenance. So, I traded it in for a basic top loading model, and I have never looked back. The front loader smelled quite often, made my clothes smell, required me to buy products to...
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    Other hobbies.

    Thank you!