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    What oils will make a moisturising soap and which essential oils will give a nice fruity smell while being anti-bacterial (acne reducing)?

    Your recipe will work. Use at least a 5% super fat and give it a long cure, probably 6 months. a better idea, what oils do you have available in your grocery store? If you have a list of what’s easy to find or is at a good price we can help you with recipe ideas. Everyone’s skin is different...
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    Where to make soap/hazard to pets?

    Hose everything down when you’re done, if you can. A quick rinse should get rid of all but the worst spills and be just fine for the critters. Waiting a few hours before letting them out will help as well.
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    "Your skin is your largest organ..."

    It could be contact time. with eating, stomach acid is designed to break everything up as much as possible so your body can absorb stuff. We all know that chemistry can take something bad (like NaOH) that can be broken down/combined with something else (oils) to make something good (soap). In...
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    I am not in the mood for this

    I just saw this on my morning news and thought of you. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will slow down
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    Recipe Feedback please, how do you think I can improve this soap?

    I’d lower your castor oil %. I hear anything over 10% can cause softness issues (I’m allergic to shipping costs and don’t use it myself). other than that it looks in the ballpark of my favorite lard recipe. It’s useable after a month but magic happens after 3 months. If this isn’t perfect after...
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    Humidity levels??

    Are you the only one that smells the rancid smell? I’m not doubting you that it’s there but you could be a random “super smeller.” Several people on the forum choose not to use lard because they can smell the piggy lardy smell in their cured soaps. Just tossing the idea out there just in case...
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    Trying to follow a tutorial

    If that’s just a chopstick to swirl the top and not something crazy that I’m not seeing.... fill your mold 1/3 to 1/2 way and treat it like a slab. Your bars may be slightly odd shaped but you can mostly practice the concept. An alternative would be getting a shoebox or something a lining it...
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    my husband stretches out a paperclip to use as an ear protector. It’s reusable if you want it to be but also easy to toss/remake if you get worried about contamination. I occasionally use a ribbon to tie back my masks, it has the added benefit of allowing me to tighten the seal around the mask...
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    Im really confused about fragrance amounts

    DeeAnna recommends measuring ppo. I’d follow DeeAnna’s advice while you’re learning, especially when you should be developing good habits. I’m lazy and have bad habits. I’ll usually use 1oz per pound of soap. the easy math turns into one 2oz bottle of fragrance for my 2lb loaf mold. I think...
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    No rinse soap

    I was just at Walmart and glanced at the no rinse dog products. Looks like the ingredients started with water and SLS with most of the standard syndets (I say as someone who is afraid of the chemistry involved in syndets). maybe SwiftCraftyMonkey might have some ideas. Before she switched to...
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    ~ Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils? (drama)

    You could also talk about the allergy triggers in certain essential oils. I’m pretty sure there’s been at least one or two people on the forum with significant allergies that choose FO’s due that frivolous reason of wanting to live. i don’t know what oils you ordered or from where but there are...
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    My first bars...lard bars

    I cure my high lard bars for at least 12 weeks. They’re ok at 4 weeks but magic happens at 12 weeks.
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    Liquid lye?

    Many of those liquids have a foaming agent or other additives. If there is no ingredient list I probably wouldn’t trust it
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    How to do this?

    It looks like an ITP with a hanger swirl to me.
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    Close to giving up soap making

    Save your “bad batches,” you never know when they might suddenly become good. my favorite recipe needs a 3 month cure. when I first made it I tried a bar after 4 weeks, decided it didn’t suck but wasn’t amazing, then forgot about it. A few months later I picked it up as a random bar from the...