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    Do I need to add more lye?

    Adding the extra alkali will depend on how much you used in the first place. A full recipe will help us give a recommendation. example: if your recipe calls for 5oz lye and 30oz of oil but you chose to use 2oz lye the recommendation would be to add more. If your recipe calls for 5oz lye for the...
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    Help me figure where i went wrong

    Looks like you waited too long to cut. sugars cause soap batter to heat up which usually means you need to cut a loaf earlier than the same recipe without the sugar. The honey, milk, and possibly the oats all add sugars. in short, your soap should be fine after curing. It won’t be the...
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    Recipe's how many is to many

    The number of recipes you hold onto is up to you. I tried 20 or so before I found my favorite. After I found one I liked I didnt see much of a reason to keep looking (though i do make the occasional new recipe because I ran out of an oil or finally get to a new specialty soap from my experiment...
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    Soap hardening too fast during saponification

    where did you get this recipe? Have you run it through a lye calculator recently? Did you recently resize it? using the forum’s calculator with your oil weights I got 4.5oz of lye not 9oz for a 5% super fat. Even with a 0% SF, you’re using way too much lye.
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    Citric Acid

    Add the CA to the water then add your lye. I’m not sure the CA will dissolved the lye is dissolved first. Here‘s DeeAnna’s breakdown on using citric acid I don’t add extra water but I also don’t often make 500g batches. I usually use 33% lye concentration in my calculations then I do the...
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    Fat ratio 60:40

    I’ve never followed that rule and haven’t had issues. Up to you if you want to care about it. i care more about how certain oils make my skin feel. less than 25% coconut, less than 50% olive.... it’s what works for me. Of course I still make the occasional salt bar or Castile, so I still don’t...
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    Post your Gripe

    I found a tip online, put a strip of tissue paper/paper towel under the top of the mask. It helps to wick up the moisture to keep your glasses clear. i tried it last night at work. Not a perfect solution but I was fiddling with my glasses less and felt more confident the mask was doing it’s job...
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    Advice on my palm free vegan recipe -- trying to create a nice soap for my son's eczema/my dry skin

    Do you have a label from the magical soap you were gifted? If the soap was labeled properly we might be able to help you reverse engineer a recipe or helap find a starting point for ideas edit: addressing the DOS. How do you store your soap? Storing on metal racks/shelves or in direct sunlight...
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    Can you use Mica powder to temporarily color hair? how to apply it?

    You can try using a large makeup brush and dusting the color on your hair. depending on your hairstyle and need for PPE, test it out at home first. You don’t want to don’t want to shed mica on someone at work. (Also double check makeup safeness and eye makeup safeness for the same reasons)
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    Erno Lazlo soap

    Adding -ate after an oil usually means it has been saponified. Sodium palmate = palm oil + NaOH. I‘m not sure about some of the other ingredients in the middle of the list but a palm based soap looks to be the base.
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    Why did my soap discolor

    What fragrance did you use? Your picture looks like fragrance discoloring to me. Any fragrance with a high vanilla content will discolor but others may change colors as well. In my experience fragrance discoloration happens the same way as oxidation, whatever surface gets any air contact will...
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    Soap reacting with town water?

    Your recipe doesn’t look crazy and it sounds like you’ve got everything else working in the right direction. The next questions are: how long does your soap last and how long do you want it to last? How many people use the bar? Do you lather with a washcloth, bath poof, or your hands? for a...
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    Soap reacting with town water?

    How you store your soap between uses also matters. If your bathroom is very damp the soap won’t dry out well and will just dissolve in a pool of itself. many members use soap savers to keep their bars out of any puddles. different brands use different materials, my Soap savers are small rubber...
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    I found it! The pattern I’m using is from this thread by @dixiedragon (I knew it was a “d” name). sorry dibbles.
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    I just checked Ravelry (fiber arts website), there are 32 crochet patterns with the tag “face mask” but only one looks like an actual face mask - most of the others are ear savers. The pattern is free but is meant to be a costume piece. I don’t have actual crochet advice (I’m better with...