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    I am looking for the best sugar fragrance....

    Not a straight sugar scent, but I like warm vanilla sugar.
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    Rose Soaps

    WOW...That is beautiful!!! Who wouldn't love that?
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    Bramble Berry fragrance oils?

    I love Brambleberry! We all have smelled scents that we don't like (I don't like anything with an almond smell, smells very fake to my nose) but brambleberry has great products and great customer service as well.
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    Calling all hippies

    To me, patcholi smells a little like dirt.
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    Whipped Frosting

    A recipie for frosting and bath bomb cupcakes is on Annamarie's (brambleberry) blog.
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    sugar scrub with grapefruit juice...does it ruin quickly?

    Anything with water in it will need a persertive. If your formula has only oils you may not need one. That being said, if there is a possibility of water being introduced into the product (wet hands), or If I plan to sell it then I would use a presertive.
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    Newbie needs a recipe

    I use 60% shea and 40% oils.
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    How did you find us?

    google google
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    Hello from southern California

    Hi everyone, I've been making soap (mp) and other bath & body products for about 5 or 6 years. My newest obsession is making mineral eyeshadow. I look forward to being a member of this forum and getting to know everyone.