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    The Scentworks Blue Sugar

    Does anyone have 1-2 ounces of the old Scentworks Blue Sugar. I would like to dupe it. Thank you so much!
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    Aluminum sprayers

    In search of these brushed small perfume fine sprayers with matching caps. Just a little larger than a lipstick
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    HELP! Need a fragrance suggestions for CP soap

    Apricot Freesia is amazing in lotion but a NO NO in CP Soap!
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    Need Clarin’s Tonic Fragrance Dupe

    Is there any fragrance dupe out there for Clarin’s Tonic scent. I have only an ounce left of the original 16 oz bottle. I made a 25 bar batch with it and after many years the scent was still good and strong and I have 0 bars left. Please help
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    Who do you buy your EO’s from. Need Lavender and Peppermint

    I’ve been on hiatus a long time. I need to replace some EO’s especially Lavender and Peppermint. I did a search but most threads are very old. Thank you
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    old soaper back need BLUE SUGAR replacement for SW

    Old soaper here off a long hiatus. Need BLUE SUGAR replacement. I used SW and it stuck and did not discolor. I also bought VANILLA COLOR STABILIZER from RE and don’t see it anymore. Is there still a VCS on the market. I did a search and could not find one mentioned. Thanks for any help!
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    Enablers !

    I had over a hundred 1 oz bottles from Scent Work for testing ! Ha! Little good that Did!
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    Enablers !

    I am a FOHO and I went on a 7 year hiatus. I still have about 150 FO and most from the notorious Scent Works. Does anyone compare to them now? I need new suppliers to fill my gone forever scents from SW . They were my largest supplier and was always a splurge. I remember a big one at Christmas...
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    Back After A Long Break

    I went to the Facebook page and it was basically dead. So glad I have you scrub recipe in my old soap maker software.
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    Back After A Long Break

    I have been out of the soapmaking loop for almost 7 years. I made soap for about 20 years (before the internet and Ann Bramson’s book was the only reference you had!) I got remarried and I don’t know ‍♀️ what happened. I just bought all new supplies and am ready to dip my toe back in. Has...
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    The Dish

    There is no way to register because there Captcha security feature is outdated.
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    The Dish

    I figured it out! Thank you!
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    The Dish

    I forgot my password on The Dish and the captcha thing is not active and I cannot get it reset. I need to replace my fragrances from The Scent Works and there is a long thread of dupes there. Can anyone help?