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    SMF January Challenge 2021 – Planet/Galaxy Soap

    Sign Up List 1. dibbles - may the force be with us 2. Artemis - I hope I can squeeze it in this time! 3. AliOop - hmmm, what fragrance would go with this theme? 4. KimW 5. Zing - In a galaxy far, far away. Da-da-da Dah Daaah🎶 6. Sofiepie - what to do what to do.. can’t wait! 7. Mobjack Bay -...
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    Missing swirl??

    Often this kind of merging happens when the batter is thinner than the ideal consistency.
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    another indictment against palm oil

    The reason people/natural resources from Asian and African countries are exploited is because there are corporations/governments who gain from it. When you look at the ingredient list of products you consume and seek to know where the ingredients are coming from and at what price, you'll see who...
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    SMF May 2019 Challenge - Tiger Stripes

    1.Primrose - not my most favourite visual design however I'd like to try something new 2. MarnieSoapien - RAWR! 3. Cellador- Purrrfect 4. earlene - I've only done this once, and it's time to try again. 5. amd - this really will be a challenge for my fast moving recipe! 6. jcandleattic - In like...
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    Hey from Australia

    Sounds positively lovely!
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    Can I rebatch Soleseife Soap?

    So I tried following things Made a solution of lye and water to reduce SF to an acceptable limit. Squished the soap in an stainless steel bowl and used hand blender to pulverize it Added the lye water and mixed well When I was putting it in individual moulds, found that it had started leaking...
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    Can I rebatch Soleseife Soap?

    It is very squishy putty.
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    Can I rebatch Soleseife Soap?

    Thank you @Dawni . This is another option. Just trying to see what all my options are,
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    Coloring Solid Shampoo

    I have coloured the shampoo bars to go with the fragrance in the bar. I had read somewhere that purple coloured shampoos help to reduce brassiness of blond hair.
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    Can I rebatch Soleseife Soap?

    Like putty dough.
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    Scooby Doo soap

    This is stunning! Can't wait for your reveal.
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    My Coffee Soap

    Lovely soaps. Did you pipe on top it or put some frosting?
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    'White' Soap

    Wow, interesting. On-demand-glycerine-rivers would be so cool. The soap is very inviting - like cool summer breeze.
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    Can I rebatch Soleseife Soap?

    Thanks - I'll try that. Just in case the lye solution does not mix properly, any idea if hot processing it will cause separation or not?
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    Can I rebatch Soleseife Soap?

    Great! Thanks The SF at 35% seems a little excessive. If the soap comes together then it will feel lovely except it may dissolve far more quickly than is nice.