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    Is there a list???

    Yes, I feel like there are stages of newbie-ness. One such stage is, "can I soap with this." In which we try all kinds of additives. Another is the "How many oils can I squeeze into this recipe" stage. It's fun to play, and these practice batches teach you a lot about soaping.
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    My soap sticks to the blade when I cut it a little too soon. Is it still sticky after it's had time to sit out after the cut?
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    Do I need to add more lye?

    Most soap recipes include a "superfat," which is kind of like deliberately using less alkali. The soap still cleans properly. However, without the complete recipe (as you made it, not as it was originally), we can't really say anything about your batch. I personally dislike rebatching, so as...
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    Help me figure where i went wrong

    Dissolve the sugar in your water BEFORE adding the NaOH. If you put it into the oils, it won't dissolve. Or, you could make a simple syrup and add that to the oils.
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    Should I rebatch or leave as is?

    Or a nice, sharp kitchen knife, if you don't have a planer.
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    Can I rebatch this soap

    You could also chop it up for a confetti soap. The white/cream piece would be cute in a colored base. I am not a fan of rebatching. I know some people like it, but it was not a fun process for me and I didn't like the end result.
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    Using tea in soap (Mate)

    I don't feel like tea has much affect on soap, other than it's fun to play with ingredients. You can easily replace your water with tea. The first time I did it, I used a very strong brew and it lightly colored my soap, though I haven't been able to duplicate that result. It will not scent the...
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    Looking for a soapmaking mentor to work with me through perfecting one recipe

    So many of your questions can be answered right here on the forum without asking any questions, especially if you are into research. Most of what I know I learned just from reading others' questions and answers on the forum. Topics to search: 1. How to use a lye calculator, so you can...
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    Goats Milk Soap - do I wrap mold?

    I think most people who put them in the fridge are trying to avoid gel in favor of a "creamy" looking soap.
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    Help can I fix this problem?

    If you want to see more examples of the wrinkly top or learn what others have done, search the forum for, "alien brain."
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    Help naming

    But they are all florals and make me think it would smell floral. Especially the hyacinth, which has a strong scent.
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    Help naming

    So, it smells like violets?
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    Help naming

    I always have a preference for names that tell me what I'm getting. So, if it smells like lilac, I like something that reflects that. Names that are too clever or only speak to the color or swirl are not for me. What fragrance is your soap?
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    Random Picture thread (non-soap)

    Today, all we're growing in our yard is rain drops!