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  1. aprice522

    Help with best pricing

    I am looking to get some beeswax (lotion bars) and Citric acid (bombs) and wondered what is a good price for things? I am not looking in huge volumes, just to make for fun with my kids and to give to family. I have other stuff already due to being a soaper. I just want to make sure that I am...
  2. aprice522

    EOs to mix with non-deorderized Cocoa Butter

    I have a whole bunch of cocoa butter that is not deoderized and I need help figuring what EOs might smell good mixed together. I have done orange and the chocolate scent but beyond that...I am just stumped. Any ideas?
  3. aprice522

    Recipe help

    I have been absent for over a year from soap Making, so feeling a little unsure about myself. I want to make a few different soaps to use up oils before going bad. What I have: Lard, Avocado, CO, castor (limited), cocoa butter to use up. I don’t mind doing the cocoa in a higher amount just...
  4. aprice522

    Bath Salt EO question

    I am doing some searches to learn about bath salts. I make soap and use EOs, so I am familiar with most products and safe usage. My question—all the searches for recipes/tutorials show straight EO with the salt/dry ingredients rather then adding carrier oils. That seems wrong, is it? Do...
  5. aprice522

    Conditioner bar recipe with BTMS-50

    I have started to use a Etsy purchased conditioner bar and shampoo. I am a regular soaper, so I have some of the ingredients. It was really expensive for some really small product and would like to try and make my own things. I have been reading and reading and in the beginning of my search...
  6. aprice522

    Best face oil or butter

    I tried the oil cleansing method years ago when I first went "natural" and used the "prescribed" castor oil to clean. It did not work for me. I broke out like crazy. I abandoned the method. I came back to natural when I started making soap and started learning about the different oils and...
  7. aprice522

    Looking for razor information for the shave soap for my husband

    I have made a wonderful shave soap, got him a decent low end brush and my husband has decided that he might be interested in real razors and I can't remember any of the forums to start looking at and hope one you guys see my post and can direct me. Thanks!
  8. aprice522

    Soap 2 Go

    Since I keep thinking I need to try liquid soap (have substantial KOH stash for shaving soap), this seems like something to try. However, I have a container idea for you all who have already made the paste....Check this out for those who will make it only for themselves. I have wanted these to...
  9. aprice522

    Accelerated/curdled again

    I am a six month soaper, so grain of salt of anything that I say. I have not yet used Cinn EO, but hear that it is an accelerator, and I have personally had the Geranium move fast on me before, florals are known to move things. It really seems to be the cause from your information.
  10. aprice522

    Cut bars are splitting? Cracked during cutting

    Woohooo I do have a handy hubby. I'm pretty sure that he has at least one extra hacksaw he could modify. I still might have to watch my recipies that I just throw together--I don't think I like my bars quite so hard!!
  11. aprice522

    Cut bars are splitting? Cracked during cutting

    Wire cutter and good cheap ways to cut Obviously I need a new cutting style/equipment. What are some cheap ways to cut nicely? I will never sell and haven't even purchased a real wood mold. My hubby made one out of wood scraps and hardware costing a few bucks. I'm so cheap. :)...
  12. aprice522

    Cut bars are splitting? Cracked during cutting

    Hopefully that works. I did not even think about them all being hard oils.... :) Guess some castor or some other soft added would have been better. They are SO hard now at just shy of 48hrs. I will have to remember that when I go all creative next time.... :)
  13. aprice522

    Cut bars are splitting? Cracked during cutting

    So I dropped and skewered for the first time and my bars cracked and were splitting while I cut. I used a big knife and cut the first bar at about 19 hrs and it was too soft, so I waited another 5 and finished cause they seemed harder.... This is the recipie. 75%lard 10% Cocoa Butter...
  14. aprice522

    SMF Soapmaking Challenge November: Drop and Skewer

    my cut bars Here are the cut bars of my drop/skewer. My daughter and I worked on the design and I think it was too fluid. I know better for next time. I wish I would have gelled this one because the colors are not a deep as I was hoping. Micas were Mocha and a gold from the Nuture...
  15. aprice522

    SMF Soapmaking Challenge November: Drop and Skewer

    I couldn't enter, but today my daughter and I were able to work on this and decided to do it. My daughter is 10 and chose the colors and watched the videos and have scrolled through all the entries and she wanted to have me try it. We watched the video, she kept pausing so I could do the...