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    Bubble-like structure in my potato soap

    Still, thanks for the input ;) I will let it cure and test it then to see what happens. I guess it's just another one of those soaping mysteries.
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    Bubble-like structure in my potato soap

    All my silicone liner never had silicone rash before, and I've been using them for a long time with frequent CPOP. My oven has a ferment function that allow me to set temp between 35-45c and my usual CPOP temp is 40c. Never had overheating problem too. The sides of my soap (except for the...
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    Frankincense or Benzoin?

    Thank you, everyone, for the input. I managed to find another supplier who carries 1ml sample sizes (their larger sizes are more expensive so I don't usually buy from them) and I decided on using benzoin for this batch. However, I fell in love with frankincense and myrrah and definitely want to...
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    Bubble-like structure in my potato soap

    I read about using potato in soap in the forum the other day and decided to try it, figured it would be fun to make a shower soap, and I'm making mashed potato for dinner anyway. After unmolding, I found odd bubble-like structure throughout the surface of my soap. I kinda feel like it's a half...
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    Frankincense or Benzoin?

    I'm designing a luxury facial bar recipe with an EO blend lately. It was a goat milk soap (first time using GM!) with luxury butter and oil, and I would like a gentle and soothing gender neutral EO blend. I have some EO on hand but I felt I want something that's heavy and gentle and build...
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    SMF April 2021 Challenge - Lollipop Swirl

    Sign up list: (Please copy & Paste, add your name along with the next appropriate number.) 1. earlene - I have a few days before surgery, it will probably be my last soap for at least 6-8 weeks 2. dibbles - This will be super fun or very 'exciting' - I'm in 3.Vicki C. - My last day of work is...
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    how much titanium oxide for..

    I usually use 1% to my batter weight. More than that it became hard to blend, at least with the TD I had. Say I have 400g oil, which is about 550g in batter. I want half of it to be white and the other half in other color, then it's 275g batter, so I will use about 2.5-3g TD.
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    I got a lye burn

    Oops! I'm too on the short sleeve/no sleeve wagon, especially as the weather started to get warm again. Have you considered using sleeve covers though? Not sure if it's how they are called in English but they look like this↓ Mine was homemade with waterproof fabric, which was repurposed from a...
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    New and Wondering about these Retailers?

    I only have experience Nature's Garden since I'm not in US. I mostly buy their FOs, because my local suppliers aren't great. They ship fast, the FOs are afforable for beginners, have a wide range of FO, and usually have plenty of reviews to base you purchase on.
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    How do you store your lard?

    I use store bought lard for soaping since it's easier. it came in a regular plastic container with a seal but had been opened as soon as it arrived. I store it in a cupboard so it's not exposed to sunlight. My place is heated throughout the winter and its quality hadn't change from when I bought...
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    Kitty Paw Paw

    Does alcohol works better in gluing pieces together? Asking for future projects ;)
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    Kitty Paw Paw

    I've had this mold since I just started soaping. My first attempt with it was back in 2019, but those toe beans proved to be more difficult to pour than I thought. I also chose to use madder root since I only used natural colorants back then, making a mess of red brown and white. This time...
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    Annatto vs. Red Palm Oil

    I haven't use annato yet (Been sitting in my spice cabinet since 2019 lol) but I've used red palm. I used 25% red palm for my carrot soap. I did use carrot juice as liquid and added some carrot powder, so that might affected the color a little. It was redder than I expected as fresh soap, but, I...
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    A Spreadsheet Soap Price Calculator

    No worries, mate! Probably should've made that part clearer in my original post to avoid confusion ;) Yep you totally should visit once traveling got easier! The weather's perfect, no virus allowed, and everyone loves soap! In seriousness tho, I use the same username in other online...
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    A Spreadsheet Soap Price Calculator

    I have stated that the calculator is in my local currency, not USD, which is why I told people to do their own calculation of oil price. It's a about 4-5 USD. 33 is a pretty normal price for my local soap market.