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    Soap traces too quick for my liking

    ill give that a try, that may have been one of the culprits. thank you for the feedback, im just a newbie to this and even though I watched many tutorials and researched a whole bunch of info I still need more experience on my own.
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    Soap traces too quick for my liking

    In my first recipe I used Vanilla FO and it seized up right away...but I read on their site (after making the soap) that you use 1% in your recipe, whereas I used 4% so I think thats probably what made it seize....but still even without the FO why did the soap trace so quickly even after...
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    Soap traces too quick for my liking

    My soap recipe traces too quickly I feel and i can't do the swirls i want First I used a 33% lye concentration, 65% olive oil, 30% coconut oil and 5% castor oil....and then I added the fragrance oil and it seized up which made everything worse even though I was soaping at reasonable...