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    Beer in soap?

    Alcohol and lye do not go well together. You must cook out the alcohol or let it go completely flat before making a lye solution. A SERIOUS volcano will take place if you don't. It's NOT pretty. Beer soaps are AWESOME and a great seller for me. Be careful though... Use flat beer always...
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    Life is PHun...eh...

    You get busy and stay gone for a little while and all of a sudden you realize it is October. :shock: DUDE. It's Fall break and the kids...well...are driving me bonkers. Life's been fun. The eldest dawling got Pneumonia a couple weeks ago. Is better now. Younger dawling is heading for it...
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    my mountain man soap

    Looks phantaztic. You did a great job.
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    Fun fun fun for Fall

    I'd like to but I can't WSP had them on surplus.
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    Fun fun fun for Fall

    peach mango, cappuccino, pumpkin cheesecake, chai tea and asian pear are new... brown sugar & fig Amish Friendship Bread Pumpkin Banana Nut Cake Tuberose Exotique is a blend of Sandalwood and other hardwoods. YUMMY!! :shock:
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    What size are your bars?

    My bars are 2.5X3.5X1.25 to 1.5 and yield anywhere from 4.8 to 6.7 oz in weight.
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    FINALLY...Salt bars

    I'm proud of these. It's super humid in the house and they haven't sweat and are rock solid this morning. I cut them about 6 hours after I started and stamped right then. :D
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    FINALLY...Salt bars

    OK.....after HOW long?? I made my salt bars a few minutes ago. VERY plain...but hey. Oils are coconut, canola, castor, avocado, sweet almond, safflower, and veggie soy wax at 5%. I used mostly coconut milk for the lye solution and added the rest as water. Took out 1.5 oz for the witch...
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    Soap Pot Weekend Sept 5-7

    THAT is awesome!!!!! I LOVE the eyes.
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    Soap Pot Weekend Sept 5-7

    I have orders to go out tomorrow morning, supplies to buy, stamps to make, creme to work on, new labels for smaller cream soap samples, 3 swaps to finish and then laundry.
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    have any of you made cream soap?

    The bulletin is VERY helpful. It explains how and why certain ingredients are needed. There is also a cream soap calculator that shows different water factors, super fat percentages, the hardness, conditioning, stability factors of your recipe....I've never known anyone to be pleased with the...
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    have any of you made cream soap?

    What method did you use? Have you read Failor's bulletin on cream soap? I make cream soap and have so since early '06. I've never ever used it before two or so weeks have passed. I will scrape some of the soap from the spoon and try it as I am mixing and getting it to relax during the rot...
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    Adding yogurt to soap. . .

    I've never had that problem. I have had it heat up on me but I always get the lye mixed together completely. Same with coconut milk.
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    Adding yogurt to soap. . .

    I have some yogurt soaps that are about 3 yrs old and show no sign of mold.
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    What do you do with all your soap?

    Welllllll.....I just donated 2 bars to each of the 385 Frontier employees effected by Fay in Deland Fl. I still have WAY more than I need....But this is what I do with all of the "fun" batches I make and am not sure if I will sell or not. I still have far far far too much soap in this house...