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  • Angie hi is Danuta Again, I kind of screwed with paying, I mean I paid my membeship using paypal but somehow I set it on your site to recurring payments. I do not like that, I am sorry, Can you help me to fix it> I prefer to pay as it goes. Who knows what happen next year. Thank you Angie
    Hi, this might be a cheeky question, but how strict are you with the rules using the sell forum? I used to be a very active member & made soap for a number of years, but due to certain circumstances can no longer do it and therefore have nothing to contribute to SMF by way of being an active user. I have a number of wooden molds that I need to let go of, and would like to find someone to take them. This seems like the best place for targeting an audience! I understand if the rules around being active for 6 months are strict, but thought that there was no harm in asking.
    Angie, I need a new password etc. to get into the VB Admin Panel
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