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  1. AngelMomma

    no more CPOP for me!!!

    It does look like it came back together for you. Did you add any extra liquid or was it ok HPing it just as it was?
  2. AngelMomma

    no more CPOP for me!!!

    Lol @ the looney bin! Seriously! I have to force myself to be occupied so I don't stand there staring at the soap waiting for it to be cut. Most of my recipes are on the firmer side. But the ones that aren't are a lesson in patience for sure. I am glad to hear you still cure for up to 6wks...
  3. AngelMomma

    Wake Up And "Smell" The Coffee

    You don't have to convince me. I make an unscented Mocha soap that has a light smell. Not like a FO but its nice. I use a strong coffee, coffee infused olive oil, melted dark unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder are all included in my soap. Some here like it with the coffee grounds, but...
  4. AngelMomma

    no more CPOP for me!!!

    I think a lot of times maybe ovens might be off by even a few degrees and it throws things off. When I use it I also stay right there in the kitchen. Tricky but when I do those individual molds I have to do it!
  5. AngelMomma

    no more CPOP for me!!!

    Yes, I learn more and more everyday. Constantly experimenting and tweeking in the eternal search for perfection ;) IMO opinion it goes like this..... Prevent gel, saponification is complete in what, about 2 days, maybe 3? Gel soap by insulating, gel complete in 12-24hrs. Gel soap by...
  6. AngelMomma

    no more CPOP for me!!!

    I know that CPOP is all the rage now........but.... What happened is basically what happens when you put a batch in the crockpot to HP it. Only the point that it is separating. I do not understand peoples obsession with CPOP since all it is, is forcing the soap through gel...
  7. AngelMomma

    Do as I say, not as I do

    It probably just got dark because of so much sugar in the banana. I make my banana soap with 4 oz(almost 2 whole bananas) of banana puree that is strained. But I have always kept the lye water in an ice water bath while adding the lye. In the next batch I am going to see how I like adding it...
  8. AngelMomma

    First ever CP Soap.

    They do look good. I like my soaps cured for at least 6 weeks. No matter how many times I try a soap at 3 or 4 weeks.......I always like it much better at 6.
  9. AngelMomma

    Whats on your "to make" list?

    Some I have listed here are.... 1. Snow Day (I live in the south, and it snowed. Of course I collected, sanitized and filtered some to make soap with) 2. Quilted (I have some great soap that have some flaws that can be trimmed. But then they would look weird. So cutting them and using them...
  10. AngelMomma

    Cannot get Motivated

    I always get Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD) in the winter time. But this winter has been a bit better than usual. I have been getting my B12 shots regularly (we can do them here at home) and also taking extra vitamin D and C. It has made so much difference this winter. Last...
  11. AngelMomma

    Whats on your "to make" list?

    Oh my goodness!!! A couple of weeks ago I was thinking of a pb & J soap......I wonder how it would be with a tablespoon of peanut butter ppo and a tablespoon of jam ppo.......... My wish list is LONG!
  12. AngelMomma

    St. Patty Day Green Beer Soap

    Yes, you can use 100% beer in replacement for water. Just freeze the beer and add the lye slowly to the frozen beer so as not overheat and scorch the beer.
  13. AngelMomma

    Colouring (newby)

    I just add powdered Turmeric to the soap at trace. Or infuse the oil with the turmeric and just use the colored oil in soap. If you just at a small amount of the annatto oil it will be yellow. More and it will get darker, more towards orange. Its all about the amount you add as well as...
  14. AngelMomma

    Colouring (newby)

    You could use annatto seed and infuse your oil beforehand(you can just strain or scoop out the annatto seeds before making your soap recipe) to get a yellow color........if you are not wanting to buy soap colorants. Also Turmeric can give a yellow color but if you use too much it might be...
  15. AngelMomma

    Soap Lately......

    We like the yellow ones too, super delicious! Last year we got a Rainbow mix of heirloom tomato seeds from Gurneys. It has the white, yellow, Brandywines and a few others that are all just great! Fresh veggies in soap is super fun, for sure!