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    Christmas goodie containers made from pringles cans

    Very cute! They look pretty easy too, I bet my kids could help.
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    Maybe this is a stupid question. . .

    Ok, so i figured it out myself. Should have just read the FAQs in the first place! Just in case anyone else is having trouble in this area here's how to do it: Click on the profile link at the top of the page. Down at the bottom there's a section for avatar. You can upload your own or select...
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    Christmas candle recipes

    I also have a request: cinnamon scented candles. Anyone have a good recipe for that? That's always been one of my favorite christmasy scents.
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    Candle supplies

    I buy my supplies at They have candle making kits that come complete with everything you need to get started.
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    Maybe this is a stupid question. . .

    . . But how do I get a picture to show up by my name?
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    Pricing soap

    The going rate is around $1 an ounce, i believe.
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    Cracked effect on candles

    How is this acheived? It looks so cool!
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    Getting to know you game

    Fisrt name? Amy Location? Aroura CO Favorite food? Salmon Favorite hobbie? Skiing Favorite movie? Its dorky, but I really like the Harry Potter movies
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    Favorite oils

    What are some of your favorite oils to use and what do you use them for? I love sandalwood. I rub a drop on my forehead. It makes me feel more balanced and creative. I also like to use peppermint in the morning. I rub a few drops in my hands and then cover my face with them and take a few deep...
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    Coffee candle

    SOunds yummy! I love the smell of coffee.
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    I'm not picky - as long as it's caffeinated!
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    Thanksgiving plans?

    My sisters are all flying in tonight to stay with us. We're doing the typical turkey dinner then we're going skiing on friday.
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    The movie game