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    +1 for LotionCrafter

    I ordered from LotionCrafter on Nov 26 (day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday). My order arrived today, and it was complete and perfectly packaged. That has to be the fastest I have received anything lately. Granted, they are in WA, and I am in ID, so the shipment didn't have to travel far. But...
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    What non-soapy thing did ya do with soap stuff?

    Thank you so much - can't wait to try these recipes! Some years ago, I tried eating vegan for about six months. Sadly, it crashed my metabolism and initiated some thyroid problems that have yet to be straightened out. I do much better eating meat, fish, eggs, and lots of fruits and veggies. But...
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    What is on your soapy Christmas list?

    Have you ever tried a cut glove? These are mandatory for me when using a box grater. Otherwise, I just use the shredding blade on my food processor. But I agree, it would be nice to have a dedicated soap shredder!
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    Master batch lye

    The answer is... it depends. Some of us masterbatch at a 1:1 water:lye ratio, or a 50% lye solution. That allows us to have additional liquid that we can use when soaping to dissolve things like salt, sugar, citric acid/sodium citrate, etc. But if you don't need or want to dissolve any...
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    Amazing what you find out...

    Yes, tallow and lard are common ingredients in commercial soap. :) Once saponified, they become sodium tallowate and sodium lardate.
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    First attempts at hot process soap

    Right on the "burner" (glass-top electric stove). My stainless pot has a heavy copper bottom, which is helpful for preventing uneven heat.
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    Master batch lye

    It always made me scratch my head; how could any mold, bacteria, or other bad stuff grow in such a strong alkali solution? But without some solid scientific explanation one way or the other, I haven't wanted to risk it.
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    Master batch lye

    There have been some discussions on other threads that the pre-dissolved sugar can cause nasties to grow.
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    color changes.

    I agree with @TheGecko that something is probably wrong with your soya oil. It should not turn your soap black or smelly.
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    First attempts at hot process soap

    I think those look great! Another benefit is that HP usually prevents soda ash, since there should be no unreacted lye available to turn into ash. I still get some ashing with AC, but otherwise, no ash at all. And yes, it's fun to cut and clean up in the same day. FWIW, you can HP your soap in...
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    Master batch lye

    Sounds very similar to me... I dissolve my sodium citrate, sorbitol, and sodium lactate in my additional water, which is then blended into my oils before I add the MB lye solution. Otherwise, if I add the additional liquid (with additives) directly to the lye solution, it starts heating up...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I did some soapy dishes, and looked at soapy things to add to my Amazon wish list.
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    Master batch lye

    Yes, I do add silk to my master-batched lye - thanks for reminding me! But nothing else: not citric acid, sugar, or salt.
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    Master batch lye

    Just to be clear, most folks don't add those things into the master-batched lye solution. They are dissolved in the additional liquid that is used for the recipe. :)
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    What non-soapy thing did ya do with soap stuff?

    There's a great thread somewhere here, I think by @Zany_in_CO, listing the many wondrous uses of PS80. Check it out!