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    Seeing Ads?

    we are still making changes , everything will be fine in couple of hours .
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    Seeing Ads?

    If Ads are not disabled for you now, you can disable them from preferences Thanks Admin
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    Help! Top topics for new soap makers

    I think having a few articles for beginners here at Soapmaking Forum would be a good addition, what are some must read topics in your opinions for new soapmakers to read?
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    shampoo/ conditioner bars

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    Lifetime supporters seeing ads?

    You did not have disable ads checked. Do you see ads now?
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    What happened to recent threads on home page?

    @Hendejm we have made a modification to hide sidebar for mobile users to improve browsing experience . Are you browsing from mobile device ? do you think the sidebar was useful there ?
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    Error Message

    Sorry. About that. We had tried a site enhancement and the email links didn’t respond well to it, so we disabled it. But there is one night/day that has that bad link in it. Sorry Ladies. We fixed it as soon as we realized what it was doing.
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    Cream Soap Calculator

    That would be really helpful!
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    Cream Soap Calculator

    Do you know all the calculations?
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    HELP! Soapmaking Calculator

    Ok! Got the private forum added and everyone who replied added. If you use a soap calculator now and can test/provide feedback on a new one. Plus have the time to dedicate, please let me know!
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    HELP! Soapmaking Calculator

    I need some testers. If you have some time to test a new soap calculator please post here or PM me and I will add you to the private forum.
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    HELP! Soapmaking Calculator

    Wow! $90. Is it that much better then SoapCalc? How much does a calculator like that and SoapCalc have in common? Completely different?
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    HELP! Soapmaking Calculator

    What is SM3?
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    HELP! Soapmaking Calculator

    Is there a current lotion calculator working you all use currently?