First Lemongrass Soap

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First Lemongrass Soap - amysoap - img-2974-835.jpg
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April 24, 2017


Date made: 2017-09-03, 4:30 pm, put in freezer, 6:30p, moved to fridge
Batch size: 34 oz oils
Mold used: 12 rounded ovals (2 pink molds), rest in cylindrical soap mold
Time before unmolding/cutting: 4 hours, after refrigerating
Date cut: 2017-09-03
Date first tried:
number of bars made: 15

This is my first try with this recipe. Made in the crockpot using the stick blend hot process method (faster). 5% super fat, Water:Lye ratio 2.71:1 (Water as % of oil weight: 38%). Used lye calculator at 2 Tbsp sugar ppo, 1 tsp salt ppo added to water and dissolved before adding the lye to the water.
* Lard 50% (482g)
* Shea Butter 5% (48g)
* Coconut Oil 20% (192g)
* Reserve the shea butter for the super fat after the cook (48g)
* Pomace Olive Oil 25% (240g)
* Add 2 Tbsp sugar PPO (4 Tbsp) to water before adding lye, let dissolve
* Add 1 tsp salt PPO (2 tsp) to water before adding lye, let dissolve
* Add 1.5 ounces warmed water PPO (84g) and add 2 tsp sugar PPO (~4 tsp) to that water for after the cook, to enable the fluid hot process. Added a few tsp more to make it more liquid for the oval mold.
* Measure 6 - 11g PPO (20g) lemongrass essential oil and set aside for after the cook.

* Using the Stick blend hot process method. Soap didn't cook as fast as last time. Remember to weigh out the fragrance oil before starting since there really isn't much time once things get going.
* Add EO last, after super fat and warmed extra sugar water
* Using the pink mold to make oval bars, a few bars worth left in the cylindrical mold

First times for:
* Using this recipe!
* Lemongrass EO (20g)
October 8, 2017  •  07:29 PM
I'm really enjoying your soap.
November 18, 2017  •  05:02 PM
How was the scent? Where did you get your lemongrass EO? I sometimes like it, sometimes not. Aura Cacia brand I don't like unless blended with something else. Too sweet.
November 22, 2017  •  02:23 PM
@hopgal I have now tried two and I like both of them. First was NOW brand sourced from a local health food store. Second was Lemongrass EO sourced from Essential Depot (online). I like them both. The NOW seems stronger but I might have mismeasured and overpoured slightly. I like them both but I'm likely to get it from Essential Depot just because they have been a good source of quality ingredients for me for years now.