1st ever soap :)

1st ever soap :) - laurahatt214 - img-20171105-867.jpg
1st ever soap :) - laurahatt214 - img-20171105-866.jpg1st ever soap :) - laurahatt214 - img-20171105-865.jpg
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November 7, 2017


Hi guys,

This was my 1st time ever making soap. I got a kit, melt and pour, to try to see if I would even like it. I did not use the mold that came with it, but a candy mold that I found. So the soap is a bit on the small side but my girls said that the colors I used works with the size because they look like gemstones.

So that is what I am calling my 1st ever soap lol

Please let me know what you think of my gemstones.
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