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Default Looking for a CP recipe with bee pollen and/or honey

I have some bee pollen I bought and was wondering if anyone has ever used it in soap. Would anyone have a recipe to share?[/b]

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I haven't used bee pollen, I googled it and it seems all they do is add it to a basic recipe.

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I had to google, too.

I noticed the same as Relle. It appears the soaps are either melt and pour with palm and palm kernel or handmade with tallow and coconut. I did notice a person on Etsy didnít list ingredients. I sure wouldnít buy it without knowing what oils were used. I say just use your regular recipe and add the bee pollen to it.

That being said - what benefit would the bee pollen provide in soap? Especially since it wouldn't be on the skin very long and it would be rinsed off. I think lye would destroy any benefits from it. You'd probably have to make the soap HP and add it at the end of the cook. If you did it this way, would there be the possibility of an allergic or anaphylactic reaction by someone using the soap?

Itís just my opinion but Iíd say either eat it for the nutritional benefits or add it to a leave on product.
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I have friends who are beekeepers and was approached as to making soap using bee pollen...they also want me to do soap with their beeswax and honey. I think it is a marketing ploy for their businesses. I bought some pollen to play around with. I've seen beauty creams with bee pollen. The pollen is collected at the entrance of the hive, and it comes off the bee's body (pollen baskets). I don't think that there would be any allergic reaction as it is not processed in any way by the bees. But why take the chance. You're right, best to keep it on the table not in the soap.
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