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Originally Posted by reflection View Post
reading about this and all the warnings around here gives me pause to buy any soap or body products if i go to a fair/festival. i would be more likely to buy them now too because i've gotten so into making them. i don't really want to have to grill sellers on their practices though.

the guy probably heard that essential oils have antimicrobial properties but has no idea that the quantities he'd need to use would be much higher than what would be appropriate for his recipes and cause irritation or other problems at those levels. not to mention one essential oil isn't a broad spectrum preservatives against all the possible bacteria & fungi.

i'm pretty sure ROE isn't a preservative, but those around here who know way more than i can speak to this. i believe it is only an antioxidant which helps prevent oils from going rancid. preservatives are for water-containing products.
ROE is not a preservative.


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Originally Posted by cmzaha View Post
Please tell me when I missed this information. I stopped at a booth in our market last night to see what a vendor had. His sign read Lavender & Crystals, I think it was crystals, maybe something else.

Anyway he had a lotion per the label, he called it an oil and tried to put it on my arm. I noticed the label was very short on ingredients but happened to catch the H2O on the label. The label was Lavender Oil and H2O. To regress here a bit, I have been trying so hard the last couple of years and just ignoring what people claim and sell, but this time I could not keep my mouth shut. I asked what it was preserved with, I did not let him put it on me, and the answer was Lavender. Of course my mad got the best of me. He ended up telling me I did not know what I am talking about when I mentioned you cannot just mix oil and water without preserving or even emulsifying it. I did inform him we have been making and selling lotion for 7 yrs, although I only started playing with lotions last year, my daughter made out lotion and I did know how to make it. The bottle was opaque so I could not see if it was emulsified and ingredients were missing on the label. I did mention if there were more ingredients in it they needed to be on the label.

I ended up asking our market manager and the owner to please restrict him from selling the lotion if he is in our new market in a couple of weeks. As much as I love the owner and help him out he has no backbone when it comes to telling vendors what they can and cannot do.

Maybe I am missing something and lavender has been declared a preservative...
I would have liked to have seen what he had. It's these kind of people that can ruin the market.

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I saw the same thing at a market near me with (as far as I could tell) orange EO and water! My BFF was going to let her spray it on her, I went off about photosensitivity and preservatives and wouldn't let her...

Here is his logic Carolyn: " Lavender is a camphorous herb, camphor is in Vics Vapo-Rub, Vics Vapo-Rub scientifically cures colds, therefore it must be anti-microbial!!" Oh and shaking is good enough to mix water and oil, everyone knows that!
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Originally Posted by cmzaha View Post
I have been trying so hard the last couple of years and just ignoring what people claim and sell, but this time I could not keep my mouth shut. I asked what it was preserved with, I did not let him put it on me, and the answer was Lavender. Of course my mad got the best of me.
KUDOS to you for trying! Sometimes my mad gets the best of me too! Sigh. In any case, the poor guy wasn't up to being informative, for whatever reason. Perhaps he's a seller? Not the manufacturer? The reason I think this is because I make linen spray with H2O + Lavender EO + 20% alcohol as a preservative. Maybe if you'd gotten a closer look at the label? Of course, even if that's the case, he's an idiot for calling it "lotion". tsk tsk.

Zany in CO
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