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Default scenting deodorant

So I'm venturing down the path of deodorant. I've got my basic recipe down, but I'm wondering what essential oil combinations would be good.

I HATE HATE HATE patchouli, lavender, and sandalwood. I'm open to anything else.

Am I able to use fragrance oil at all? Has anyone ever tried making and using deodorant scented with FOs? I'm more of an FO kinda girl.

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My first was peppermint and rosemary EOs. I have considered FO, but haven't tried that yet. I suppose amounts would be the the same as if you were making lotion?

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I like tea tree EO combined with bamboo FO.
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I don't recall any laws that prohibit using FOs in deodorant. They're used in everything else, so go for it.

Only thing is I'd suggest using ANY fragrance (EO or FO) with a very light hand in a deodorant product. The skin of the armpit is sensitive to begin with. It also isn't fully exposed to the open air so fragrances will take longer to dissipate so will remain on the skin longer. If you shave, that skin can be irritated from shaving, and irritated skin is more prone to reacting to other irritants.
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At the moment I scent my deodorant with a combination of lemon, ylang ylang and myrrh EOs which I think smells really nice but maybe not the best choice for deodorants~
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My latest batch I scented with White Sage & Sea Salt FO..works well as a unisex scent
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Last year I used an artisan crafted stick deodorant that I loved the smell of. It was lemongrass, which I happen to like a lot. It started out very strong, but over the course of using the stick (several months) the scent eventually wore off and during application was not as strong at all. Eventually it faded. So I am guessing that whatever you choose, use something with a strong scent as it may eventually fade.
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thank you to everyone who replied! I really love a lot of the scent combinations! I'm excited to try them out.

I might actually try a batch with an FO too. I love the smell of FOs more than EOs, so ill see how that goes.

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