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Default Adding cologne to soap???


Havenít been here in a while and hope everyone is doing well! Iím extatic to have SOLD OUT of soap completely this holiday season and even more extatic to make a zillion more batches...

I have a gentleman customer who wants a custom batch of soap that smells like his cologne. From the sample I have of the cologne, I donít have an oil based dupe. I donít think I can mix my EOs to make one either and I donít want to keep buying scents only to find out they donít match :/

He really has is heart set on having these custom soaps and so I guess Iím wondering if itís at all possible to mix cologne with cp goat milk soap? Iíve only seen that it is not possible but I would really like to know if thereís some ďsecretĒ method I havenít been told about! Maybe a way to remove the alcohol?Experiences? Info? Advice? Thanks!!

(Cute pics because youíre awesome... happy holidays!!)

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MDGA quality mini-nubian dairy goats, raw goat milk soap
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I know alcohol is one of the solvents used to dissolve soap for homemade MP, and at the concentrations cologne is mixed at you'd have to use a significant amount, which might be enough alcohol to make your soap behave weirdly.

I don't think there's a good way to remove the alcohol without also losing most of your fragrance components, unless you have access to a distillation set up.

If you tell us what cologne it is, someone may be able to suggest a good dupe or FO/EO blend.

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Colgne will not work on soap, even if you do get rid of the alcohol. Fragrances for cp soap are optimized to work in cp soap, which is why not all fragrances that work well in mp will work in cp. Try this company they have a lot of men's designer fragrances.http://www.saveonscents.com/index.ph...91_292_294_389 They may have a decent dupe but that does not mean the soap will smell just like his Cologne, since lye tends to change fragrances some

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I'm with cmzaha on this.

I tried it very early on in my soaping career. I don't remember much about that batch (as in, how the actual process unfolded), but I do remember that it was CP, molded in a Pringles can, and scented with Stetson.


The lye so badly morphed it, that there was only a slight hint of Stetson under a heavy stench of chemicals. It turned me off to the cologne for a VERY long time. The soap spent years in my basement, but it never lost its stench.

As cmzaha noted, SaveOnScent.com has a lot of designer fragrance dupes (including Stetson!). Their version of Navy (W) smells just like what my mom used to wear, and the Stetson is nice OOB, but when used it products, smells a little more powdery than I like. Make sure you order small amounts and have your customer decide before buying a lot.
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What is the name of the cologne? It's possible that someone here may have found a good dupe of it in FO form and would be able to point you in the right direction.

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Ditto what everyone else said.
Just wanted to add that I love the pics of the goats. I used to own goats (I do not like goats themselves, I think they are a-holes, but I do love looking at pics of them! LOL)

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