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Yay! They work for me today! I don't know what was going on last night, but for whatever reason they just wouldn't go through for me (kept going to 'blank page'), but they popped right up today as soon as I clicked on them.

Excellent articles!

I wonder if the one from wingedseed has a part 2?


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Had a person ask me that just last week (why don't I use their do terra oils in my soaps). Should have seen their face when I said what I pay on average for a POUND of the oil in particular they were mentioning. It was someone I knew from a past job so we were able to talk frankly and I explained the therapueutic grade thing. Told her to look into soapmaking supplies if she wants to get larger quantites for her personal stuff. One down!

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Originally Posted by NsMar42111 View Post
why don't I use their do terra oils in my soaps
Good lord, if you used doTerra oils in your soap and priced accordingly you'd never sell another bar of soap again!
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an old friend of mine tried to pitch her oils at me through facebook the other day. it's an epidemic!
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Had the parents of our little one's best friends talking to me about using Doterra for my soap. I spoke truth and fact and got the loudest, longest cricket chorus in the history of humankind. Their daughters are great friends to ours, so I choose to shut up and pretend to sip from that snake oil. But it's very hard to choke all that ridiculousness down!
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I have two very good friends who use YL oils. One of them made soap with me once and offered to bring her EO. I told her she didn't need to do that and when she saw how much is needed for even a 3 lb batch I could see her surprise.

I have talked to both of them, respectfully, about the marketing of the MLM oils and what I think. They both continue with YL. I've said my piece, and at this point I guess it's their money and their choice. My tongue does get pretty sore from getting bitten if the subject ever comes up though.
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We have relatives who drink the YL koolade too. After a few "discussions" we agreed not to discuss it any more.
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Originally Posted by Arthur Dent View Post
We have relatives who drink the YL koolade too. After a few "discussions" we agreed not to discuss it any more.
That's probably for the best. Especially with the YL crowd, I think. It seems like more of them suffer from a distrust of the FDA, and belief in conspiracies between FDA and the entire medical community. So, anything you say about the FDA or medical proof just doesn't affect their thoughts on the matter.

As far as using a less expensive source, well, you just would not be getting the high quality EO and it would not be effective, so not likely to sway them based on cost.

My YL friend stopped suggesting YL EOs for soap when I explained that the beneficial qualities are not likely to survive the lye monster. Thankfully, she doesn't push them on anyone. She's a rep just to make her own purchases easier/cheaper. She let's me know when she's going to place an order, but has never pressured me to host any kind of event. She only drank about half a dose of the YL Kool-ade.
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I must have it easier as a dude. No one bothers me with that nonsense. And if they do, I just show them the door or hang up. And if they won't leave I just threaten to trespass them and then show them the door again.

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