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Try adding distilled water to the existing solution bit by bit till lye dissolves. Since both glycerin and lye are water soluble, you should not have an issue.

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Hi to all,

I've been lurking and planning to post for soo long that I can't believe I am actually writing. I guess it all takes a soapy failure Just want to say this forum is so amazing. I learn so much.

I've been so scared to try liquid soap. I read C. Failor's book when I was 15 and remember thinking this is too complicated. Years years later and after many cp batches I decided its the time. I followed couple of tutorials but nothing worked well. Finally I started reading this thread and its been so useful. At some point I was taking notes and then I had to give up because I just wanted to write everything down.

I still haven't finished the whole thread (but read most of it) and couldn't wait any longer so I gave it a go today.

I don't have a designated soap pot (since I do my cp in plastic containers but I have crockpot for soap making so I used it. Just kept it on to melt the coconut oil and then switched off.

I used 3bees~1flower's formula that Irishlass shared and followed her perfectly detailed instructions. I am fairly sure I measured everything correctly. Although I couldn't find my whisk and after stirring with a spoon for 15 minutes I gave up and used my stickblender (yes its plastic but I remembered I safely used it in boiling soup before I gave it a career in soapmaking - still I don't recommend this). So I stickblended it for 5 minutes and I didn't see the flying bubbles but it looked like it's not separating so I closed the lid and left it alone.

I checked it 20 mins later and saw that glycerin was separated. So I stick blended again and very quickly it became very thick. I stirred it with a spatula for a bit but wasn't separating and so I left it alone.

6 hours later it was looking like magic was done. I had a thick paste. Then I realised there is a bit of liquid left so I thought it needs more time. I was so sure it will come out perfect and so I left it for 2 more hours.

2 hours later I zap tested it. And boy it zaps! There is a nice looking paste and everything looks like it should be. But then I started poking it with a spoon and realised there is a layer of oil at the bottom of the pot. I have this paste sitting on a layer of oil

So I guess I didn't mix it well or I maybe it was this false paste that Susie wrote about in post #107.

So now I gave it a good stir. I am not sure its going to be enough though. The paste was very thick. I think I'll leave it overnight and hope for the best. If its still zappy in the morning I am thinking to turn on the crock pot in the lowest setting (and maybe add wee bit of water) to soften the paste so I can mix better. Any other suggestions are more than welcome.

Well...I am learning. :crazy I just wanted to post this because I learned so much from others experiences and replies written to them here.

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Old 11-13-2017, 02:28 PM   #773
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Hi, other than FO and preservative, I want to incorporate these ingredients into my glycerin liquid soap, I will use the dilution method in this thread post #8. Should I just blend everything into the dilution while diluting or I need to dissolve any of them first? And would any of these effect the clarity of the ls? They are: crothix or xanthan gum, salt, aloe powder 2:1, allantoin powder, coco betaine, liquid extracts.

Pointers and tips would be appreciated on when and how to incorporate these to ls. Thank you!

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