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Default Soap bar Quality Numbers

I know it's a personal preference but just curious what everyone prefers for your Soap bar quality numbers. I am still a newbie and haven't figured all mine out yet. So far for winter I know cleansing needs to lower for me. What conditioning range do you guys like?? Making my first batch adding sugar to add more bubble may even add salt to see how that effects hardness.

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Honestly, the only number I really look at anymore is cleansing. I don't like it above 14 so it's important to me.

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I look at the cleansing number, I'm with Obsidian in that I want it to be on the low end. Other than that, linoleic and lenolenic are the only ones I pay much attention to. I want to keep those low, seems high amounts of those fatty acids tend to contribute to rancidity.
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I tend to think more about the oils themselves and the amounts. While the numbers for certain oils are similar (lard and shea, for example) the actual characteristics in a soap can be very different indeed.
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I don't worry about those numbers at all.
They just don't seem to be accurate when it comes to Olive Oil in soap at all.

Much better off testing soap yourself.
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I like my cleansing number at 15 or lower and like Kittish, I like to keep my linoleic number low. For me a 12 or less for linoleic seems to ward off DOS & my linolenic number is usually always low. I also try to get my conditioning & bubbly numbers as high as I can. I have favorite oils that I like to use (like castor) in every recipe that give me decent creamy numbers.

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I'm with the others. I only look at the cleansing number and linoleic and lenolenic.
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Should have also said, going by just the numbers you soap looks like it will be nice. Do you have any castor in the recipe? If not add 5%, it will boost the lather.
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I dont look at the numbers at all, for me its a bit like painting by numbers and therefore never getting to grips with the actual art of painting or making good balanced soap, although I know that is a very personal thing. I had found that just because the numbers say this or that the soap itself does not always match that, its all a bit of a theory. Yes for the very new beginner it is a guide and a starter but after that I think its good to experiment and go for it rather than being constricted by numbers especially once you know the basics. Maybe its me because when I first started soaping 18 years ago there was no Soap calc but there were calculators for the lye and water amounts, for me maybe that was a good thing as it helped me learn and work out in practice what worked and what didn't. It is surprising the amount you learn from a failed or not great batch.
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You might find this thread useful: http://www.soapmakingforum.com/showthread.php?t=50018

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