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Default IFRA Banned /Restricted Oils

IFRA List of Banned/Restricted Oils

Of course all essential oils and other natural aromatic materials present issues of sensitisation if used in too high concentrations however, the IFRA have identified specific oils that are either banned for use in costmetics and perfumes or have restrictive limits. Following is the current list of banned/restricted oils but this is subject to changes.

IFRA banned oils

Cade oil crude (prickly juniper, juniper tar)
Juniperus oxycedrus

Calamus oil (sweet flag, myrtle flag, sweet rush, and sweet sedge)
Acorus calamus
Carcinogenic (potentially high levels of b-asarone)

Costus root (kuth)
Saussurea costus

Elecampane oil (scabwort)
Inula helenium

Fig leaf absolute
Ficus carica

Horseradish oil
Armoracia rusticana
Toxic, irritant

Melissa oil
Melissa officinalis

Mustard oil (black mustard)
Brassica nigra
Toxic, irritant

Peru balsam (balsam of Peru, Balsamo)
Myroxylon var. pereirae
Sensitiser (distilled oil is allowed)

Sade tree oil (no further details??)

Savin oil
Juniperus sabina
Toxic, sensitiser (Juniper phoenicea oil is allowed)

Verbena oil
Lippia citriodora / Aloysia triphylla

Tea absolute
Thea sinensis / Camellia sinensis

Sassafras oil
Sassafras albidum

Stryax gum (oriental sweet gum, storax)
Liquidambar orientalis

Wormseed (Epazote or Mexican Tea)
Chenopodium ambroisoides (also known as Chenopodium anthelminticum)

Wormwood oil
Artemisia absinthium

IFRA restricted oils

While the following oils are not banned possible sensitisation and/or phototoxicity may occur due to the amount of active compounds contained within the oil.

Angelica root oil
Angelica archangelica
Phototoxic 0.78%

Bergamot oil - Expressed (bergamot orange)
Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia
Phototoxic 0.4%

Bitter orange oil (Seville orange)
Citrus aurantium
Phototoxic 1.4%

Cassia oil (cassia bark, Chinese cinnamon)
Cinnamomum cassia
Sensitiser 0.2%

Cinnamon bark (cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon)
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Sensitiser 0,2%

Cumin oil (comino, jeera)
Cuminum cyminum
Phototoxic 0.4%

Grapefruit oil - Expressed
Citrus paradisi
Phototoxic 4%

Lemon oil - Cold Pressed
Citrus limon
Phototoxic 2%

Lime oil - Expressed
Citrus aurantiifolia
Phototoxic 0.7%

Mandarin petigrain
Phototoxic 0.165%


Tagete oil and absolute (muster-John-Henry, khaki weed, stinking Rodger)
Tagetes minuta
Phototoxic 0.05%

Oakmoss absolute and resinoid

Evernia prunastri
Sensitiser 0.1%

Pinaceae oils (to have less than 10 millimoles peroxide per litre)
Pinaceae mugo, P. nigra, P. pinaster, P. sylvatica

Rue oil (herb of grace, herbygrass)
Ruta graveolens
Sensitiser 0.78%

Treemoss absolute
Evernia furfuracea
Sensitiser 0.6%

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Are we allowed to update this as needed?

Estragole (aka: methyl chavicol) is restricted to .01% for leave-on and rinse-off products due to being a possible carcinogen. Some types of basil can contain 70% or more estragole, so it's important to check what type you have to make sure it's safe. Estragole is also found in smaller amounts in bay, anise, and a few others that are less common or contain tiny amounts.
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