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Default Where to store while curing...?

So, here in the north east the temps are dancing at (and have already dipped below) the freezing level and since I'm making a few batches here and there in the coming weeks, I ask this;
To store in a cold garage where temps will be extremely cold but dry or, store in a dry but pretty warm utility room that houses my water heater and furnace?


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I live 20 miles from Lake Superior, I sympathize with your weather.

My soaps are all in the basement for curing. They aren't necessarily in the utility room, but it is one of the lease climate controlled rooms in the house. My decision for that was easy access+space. The question I would ask is: do you want to go in the cold garage for every batch?

(Science wise I think the utility room is a better choice but I admittedly am not one of the more scientific members, you might want to wait for them)

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10 minutes East of Lake Ontario here, mine are in my formal dining room (that we use as a schoolroom...we use the breakfast nook for our dining table, but my soap stuff is all over the table, so we eat at the bar in the family room!) No way am I tramping through my cold garage to play with my soap LOL
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Mine are in the basement. It's warm where they are and I get to walk by them every time I head down to feed the wood stove.
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Finger Lakes - so humid in the summer, so cold in winter! I keep them in the guest bedroom then they go all over the house when we have a guest. Not very practical.
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You want good air circulation. You don't want direct sunlight. Too much heat isn't good, but I'm not sure about freezing temps. Part of what happens in the curing process is evaporation, and if the soap is that cold, I'm not sure how that impacts the rate of evaporation. But I bet someone here will have more information for you.
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Based on my latest experiment, the rate of evaporation is higher when the humidity is lower. That doesn't mean that you will not have a good cure in a humid environment but it seems that it will take a relatively more time for the soap's moisture to evaporate.

In a humid environment it would also be a good idea to have the soap cure in an area with good ventilation, as others stated, so as for the soap to not sweat.
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Water sublimates (goes from solid to gas with out becoming a liquid). It is slower than evaporation, but as long as the humidity is low (and cold air does not hold as much water as warm air) water content of your soap will still go down. Might take longer.

When I was in MI, I stored everything in my basement. Even tho the furnace was down there it was easily the coldest part of the house (tho it was not below freezing, it was cold) and my soaps never seemed to suffer.
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I worried about this too because I really have no other place to cure my soaps but in a cold room. I'm not exactly sure about the temperature or humidity but I think the temperature might as well even go below freezing or just be close to that point, because it really is cold and it's never heated. While I for sure don't think this is ideal, I just tried out my first soap which was stored there for 4 weeks (and it was soap that didn't use any "hard" oils), and it didn't seem to suffer in any way. It's pretty firm, and nothing bad happened to it (except for the "slime" which seems is normal for these kinds of soaps anyway), so there's that.
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I'd put some in each place and see what works best. I'm inclined to say the utility room. I do think that cold can slow down the curing process.

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