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Welcome monty fox

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I have a question about your process... how the heck did you keep everything at 140? I HP my shaving soap and it usually runs around 160 when I add the stearic acid and I still get instant mashed potatoes! How much (%) stearic did you use? I've seen some CP soap recipes (not shave soaps, just 'general' soaps) that use stearic at around 1% with the caution "this moves fast", I haven't tried it in CP myself to find out. I'm slightly fascinated, not skeptical

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LOl. Well first, let me cknowledge that being new to this, I may say something that while it makes sense to me, might be problematic for those who are more experienced. When I say I kept everything at 140, I'm really saying that this was the temp that the steric acid and oils/lye were before mixing them together. In reality I think I remember the temp of the stearic acid being closer to 150 when I added it. I added the stearic acid last after I added the lye to my oils and mixed. For shaving I use a high amount of stearic acid 50% or more (that's what I've gleaned from books and this sight). You are correct. Once I added the stearic acid it began to thicken very quickly. But it never got to the point that it was unmanagable before I got it into the molds. I was able to stir it with a spatula for a couple of minutes before putting it into the mold. During that time it did have the consitancey of thick mashed potatoes, but I don't think that's a problem as I'm not going for nice bar soap. My shaving soap is in a 4oz jar. I use my brush to lather it in the jar.

It's been 2 days now and the soap is still soft as far as finger indenting goes (which is consistant with other shaving soaps). Keep in mind this is my very first attempt so I may have done a few things that will cause others to shake their heads at. I did take the time to read the entire post by Songwind (that took a few days). So I think my first attempt is pretty close to producing a good result. I'll know in a few weeks

Anyway, I hope I answered your question.

Thanks to all who make this a great forum for learning!
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You don't have to wait that long for a shave soap. It gets better with a cure, certainly, but it'll be fine to use now
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You said you did some things others would shake their heads at, but, it's your soap. If it works. All is good.

I started with the Modern Soapmaking recipe for shave soap that used soy wax. It os absolutely horrible for shaving, but makes a really good body bar. Go figure.

Then I did some research and pretty well nailed down a good recipe. I change it by small amounts from time to time.

Then I got told by someone or another that a lard based shaving soap would never be any good. So, I made some and sent them a bit to try. I heard back and they have since changed their tune.

So...let them shake their heads. Have fun and don't worry about it.

Now, when you have around 20lbs of home made shaving soap around and don't know what to do with it, then YOU will be shaking your head!

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