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Wonderful goal! And I love that piece, so beautifull. I wish I had room for at least a small, electric piano. I have musical "tendencies" and always wanted to learn, but my healt has gotten in the way, so never managed to get there.

But maybe one day! : )

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Originally Posted by DeeAnna View Post
As a friend says, "Practice makes better!"

I like that much better than "practice makes perfect" ... because I can see myself getting "better" but I know I'll never get to be "perfect."
Thank you for that! I had but only one 'like' to give to your post, but it deserves many, many more! I'm going to use your friend's much more realistic saying from now on instead of the other more unattainable one!

Originally Posted by navigator9
I'm so happy for you to be able to fulfill this desire you've carried for so long. I love music, always have, since I can remember. But I have no musical talent, much to my dismay. I always imagined being able to play Gymnopedies #1, it's so beautiful and SLOW, that I thought even I might be able to master it, but it was not to be. I have artists in my family, and I also wanted to be able to draw or paint, but I didn't get those genes, either! So I have to be content to being good at making things with my hands. I can only imagine how satisfying it must be for you to be able to play beautiful music. Hard work pays off! Good luck with Moonlight Sonata. I always think of that scene in Immortal Beloved, where Beethoven lays his head on the piano as he plays it, to feel the vibrations, because he can no longer hear. So sad and beautiful.
To be honest, I don't consider myself to be musically talented either, just immensely stubborn and determined to learn. My niece/piano teacher on the other hand is the one with the musical gene. You've probably seen or heard of such folks that can pick up instruments that they've never touched before and be able to make something beautiful come out of them in a day or two, etc... - well, that would be her. She's got a natural talent for such things. Me, on the other hand.....well.... let's just say that about the only talent that comes natural to me music-wise is being able clap or tap my toe on time to the beat of a song, and that's pretty much about it! Everything else, I have to fight for! lol

One of the most helpful tools that I have in my arsenal to make the 'fight' so much easier for me are the books and videos of Scott Houston- the 'Learn Piano in a Flash' guy that you may have seen on PBS. I don't know if you've heard of him or not, but he was the beacon of encouragement that lit the fuse under me before hubby even bought me my piano. His somewhat unorthodox philosophy and method of learning piano might not be not for everyone, but they were perfect for me. If you still have a desire to play that won't go away, give his website/blog a read before deciding to close the lid on the piano forever.

I haven't seen Immortal Beloved yet, but I have watched that particular scene that you mentioned a few times on Youtube. As you said- so sad and beautiful. I really need to watch the whole thing!

Originally Posted by The Efficacious Gentleman
That's very cool. Reminds me that I really need to get back on to the cello!

Here is a clip to help you if a piece requires larger hand span than you have
Oh my goodness- that clip was absolutely hilarious! Thank you for the very hearty belly-laugh! lol I need to show that to my niece......and my to hubby! Too funny! I couldn't stop at just the one video, though. I had to go and watch a bunch more and most of my afternoon is now gone. lol

Yes- get back on that cello!

Originally Posted by MySoapyHeart
Wonderful goal! And I love that piece, so beautifull. I wish I had room for at least a small, electric piano. I have musical "tendencies" and always wanted to learn, but my healt has gotten in the way, so never managed to get there.

But maybe one day! : )
Oh, I hope so!


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