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I have the 1501 and love it!

I also have a more square mold...if an external link is allowed here, it's a twin of this: https://www.amazon.com/DD-life-Flexi...dp/B00YQO006K/

That one is a bit more square.

I love both, actually. They both produce an easy to handle bar, of a good size. As does my oval bar individual molds, and my rectangular individual molds...

You'll find people prefer a whole variety of things, but that most of what you think of as "normal" sizes and shapes work out very well indeed!

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Originally Posted by BrianO View Post
Any recommendations on a supplier of a good mould and straight and wavy cutter.

Is this a good start off package ? http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Adjustable-Wo...OYopvwApVd4K7Q
I don't have that mold, but I do have the straight & the wavy cutter and mine look just like the ones in the picture. On the plus side, that cutter has two slots -- one for each blade, the wavy being fatter than the slimmer straight blade. Cool! Mine doesn't have that option and I have to shim the slot to get the straight cutter to work properly.

As to size of the bars, the silicone mold inside the wood box dictates the size of the bar and you have all the gear needed to cut bars to size -- and a beveler to boot! Puts my potato peeler to shame.

I apologize for not being able to think metric, so, if I read the details correctly, the silicone insert is 3.15" wide -- a good size; 10+" long, means you can cut 10 bars, each (typically) 1" thick. You can pour any depth up to 4" -- 2.25" might be a bit more standard, but 4" allows for fancy high tops that still fit under the cover.

The price is an incredible bargain! I paid more than that for just the straight & wavy cutters. The seller seems to have a good rating and 54 units sold. The only draw back may be that they only take PayPal. If you have an account, you're good to go.

PS: I love a bargain, so I would take my chances and snap it up before the price rises or it's no longer offered.

Zany in CO
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I agree that a 'standard' soap size is relative. If we look at soap shapes globally (outside our own country where we may live) soap sizes and shapes vary quite a lot! So when you say a 'standard' soap size, it might be best to go out and measure a soap you personally like the size of and make that your 'standard' then go from there to determine which molds and cutters will work best for you.

I do not like 1 inch thick soap unless it's for traveling. It is too thin in my opinion. My husband and I really do prefer the thicker block-type shapes of soap and I have been moving away from smaller sized bars since I discovered I prefer larger soap bars.

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